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How can people lose weight if they aren't ill?

and always picking up something MORE to eat with no relief in sight?

Is the body ASKING for more poundage maybe? I was sick and failing (and losing weight) for a long time up to almost a year ago...

Need GREAT and effective advice...please help!!!
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I don't accumulate fat easily. No matter how much I eat. I guess it's genetic. So I don't gain easily.

If you want to gain weight, I think you should excercise and eat healthy stuff & less fat. Some protein every day.
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] do Pilates. That'll help.
[@1199169,danser] can u describle some?
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] [youtube=https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K-PpDkbcNGo]
sassy1 · 41-45, F
Have you tried intermittent fasting? Google it. Are you really hungry when you pick up food? Maybe you’re just dehydrated? Try to drink lots of water
[@5220,sassy1] no the bodys calling for food

dont feel thirsty too

maybe 2 things
i was starving 4 a while and Im a genetic fattie
also no exercise
and also nothing to excite my human endeavor "muscle," so I eat often out of inertia and the blahs
John01 · M
I went from 105 kgs down to 75 kgs in 7 months once. But that was through strict dieting and lots of walking on an empty stomach. Looking back though, it was almost like punishing myself. But diet and exercise.👍
[@1191483,John01] already did that no more cheese I eat the cheese substitute
also little or no sugar
and little wheat bread, sprouted grain and seed bread is only kind

and in 2 months my blood pressure dropped 20 points without even losing any weight

on the health food I am eating more and just wanna cut it down. I do virtually no exercise, and know that would help
problem now is a shattered hip and so hard to move any which way, will be repaired next month
John01 · M
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] Wow. Well good luck with your hip, friend. Maybe once that's fixed you can adopt the gym goer lifestyle, like a lot of ppl seem to do these days? Just a suggestion.🙏
[@1191483,John01] i have a personal exercise bike and many gyms are all around

when younger I rode a bike, now I shrunk too short for the bike Ive been toting around 4 decades and the new one I bought to fix that problem..is also too tall

need mucho money for a good one that fits me, have to wait a while...
HatterM · 46-50, M
HIIT can work well, but obviously check with your doctor first.
[@1044765,HatterM] can a dernatologist or eye or hip surgeon get interested in that 4 me

or urgent care?

answer hell no I don't think!
If you can survive on raw veg & fruit salads with negligible dressings, might help your weight loss.
[@24735,Silentspectator] well I get hungry for the fattening stuff
so your advice won't help

more ezxercise is the missing link and my body is too broken now..

ok over and OUT

have to do more real stuff now.

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