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Are bachelorette parties ( for straight women ) meant to be all about dicks? Or is that more of a depends on the ladies type thing?

What about getting married makes you want a party with a dick tiara & ejaculating cake?
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I don't really know why anything would make someone want that, to be honest. OH, speaking of which, I found a store I'm never going to. Gimme a sec to find the picture. 😂
Mrsbetweenfatandfit · 26-30, F
[@1218,thewearypanda] nooo 😬
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
Do non-straight women have those sorts of parties? What do you do when you're getting married (note I've never been married)?
Mrsbetweenfatandfit · 26-30, F
[@830706,zonavar68] Likely not dick themed anyway. We just went dancing & enjoyed the excitement for the party & ceremony the following day.
Viper · 31-35, M
🍿 hmm
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
I’m going to figure it’s like bachelor parties for men (except the shoe on the other foot)....some are raunchy and others are much more subdued, and it really depends on the groom-to-be and his best man and what kind of a party they decide to have.
I’ve been to friends’ bachelor parties where I felt a bit embarrassed by the strippers and the raunchiness....not the kind of thing I would have wanted, nor the type of thing my brother would have planned for me. In my family, we usually have separate dinners as bachelor/bachelorette parties....a bit of drinking and enjoyment, but nothing too out of hand.
Mrsbetweenfatandfit · 26-30, F
[@475592,Dragon56] that makes sense I just noticed how the raunchier stuff is promoted in movies & in the stores section for that kind of party it’s just so much dick stuff
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
[@475592,Dragon56] TBH if I was going to get married there's no freaking way I would ever consider anything like that. I like the idea of seperate dinners though at my age I'm doubting I'll ever get married. I haven't ever been to a wedding either so got absolutely no idea what that's like.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
[@455213,Mrsbetweenfatandfit] Yeah, it happens, but it’s not universal.
Hehe! It definitely depends on the lady. For one of my friends that loved to party with us, we did it up for her last single party. Private stripper, so many drinks and fun sex advice from married ladies to reassure her life would still be fun. For another one of our friends we did a brunch, spa day and wine. I think it's just up to each person.
Mrsbetweenfatandfit · 26-30, F
[@465377,SweetNSassy] ohh I wish I had money for a spa day that sounds relaxing 🧖🏻‍♀️
[@455213,Mrsbetweenfatandfit] it was a blast. Sometimes you can find a foot spa place that will do group parties for a decent rate.
RebeccaSJ · 41-45, F
I think it depends on the women involved.

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