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A Message for SW Hebephiles & Pedophiles

Always remember, that just because a child has started ejaculating or having periods, does not mean they are psychologically ready for sex. They are mentally still children. Their bodies are slowly getting ready for adulthood, but they are still children and compelling them to engage in any activity they may not want for sexual gratification is likely to scar them for life. Lifelong mental scars are not worth your few minutes of pleasure.

Checklist for hebephiles and pedophiles:

- Exercise restraint

- Keep away from children, even if this means finding a new job

- Don't look at children

- Always redirect your sexual energy to adults when you feel the urge

- Avoid looking at child porn

- Focus on rewiring your brain

PM me if you would like ongoing confidential help with this or Google Virped :)

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MyaJhonston · 18-21, F
why help these people?
BanPlastic · 26-30, M
[@1188022,MyaJhonston] Hi Mya. Because being a hebephile or pedophile isn't illegal, we can't lock up everyone just for being attracted to minors. We can only lock up the ones that abuse children or promote pedophilia/hebephilia by buying or sharing child porn.

If we started locking up everyone just for being attracted to children, hebephiles and pedophiles would never share their feelings and would be at an increased risk of mentally hurting a child because they can't receive help (they're isolated). For this reason, it is best to only lock them up if they act on their feelings.

We help these people to help children. It is called 'preventative action' :)
MyaJhonston · 18-21, F
[@1200532,BanPlastic] I guess.
Still not something I feel good thinking about.

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