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I Am Nervous About This, But Know It Must Be Done

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Tomorrow I go and talk to my manager about returning to work after maternity. She's unpleasant, a bully and it was her that contributed to me nearly losing my daughter because she pushed me so hard. I work in a hospital as a CNA/HCA so it's HARD work. I'm hoping to return one day a week, work my specified period so I don't have to pay back some of my maternity and then leave. I won't tell her the second part yet, of course.

I feel like I'm going to walk in there and have an immediate panic attack. I'm a different person now, but that place has a knack of reverting me back to the scared, downtrodden skivvy I was back then. The last time I saw my manager I had come back from a midwife appointment, I was clutching my blood vials and telling her they thought I had preeclampsia and I had to get to hospital. "Oh ok" she said, looking less than pleased. I spoke to her on the phone more recently, she managed to make me feel like crap, shaking and panicky just from that :(

I have to do it though. I've arranged the meeting around the ward lunchtime so there will be less people to bump into and my husband will be right outside for moral support. Get it over and done with, but even thinking about it now is giving me a headache and my stomach is churning. Ugh :(
26-30, F
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Feb 18, 2019
Edited: 4 mths ago
drtt943 · 31-35, M
Sad there are bosses in the work place like this.
AuntieWhispers · 26-30, F
[@1770,drtt943] there are a lot where I work. In the very type of work where you'd expect people to be supported
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
Remember you will have the last laugh...and stay calm. Breathe....
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
And it won't happen. (In your head only) imagine she is staked out over an ant hill and you're holding a jar of honey and smiling. [@16110,instagramcat]
AuntieWhispers · 26-30, F
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] still with a smug, unpleasant look on her face I bet 🤣🤣
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
No doubt. Some supervisors cultivate that "you're not fooling me, I know what you're up to" look, but they don't really know.

She can't scare you if you don't let her. She is no longer high on your list of things you care about. Have your plan down pat and lay it out for her (some compromise may be necessary) but she is not going to hurt you or even affect you in any major way. [@instagram at]
TicketyBoo · 56-60, F
How disappointing a Manager she must be given the line of work your in. Good luck for tomorrow, keep your head held high and put a smile on your face x
AuntieWhispers · 26-30, F
[@896509,Resetta] thank you. I doubt I'll raise a smile, but my head will be high. I owe it to myself.
This message was deleted.
HotPizza · 46-50, M
Good luck...
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
Update, please. How did it go? All okay?
AuntieWhispers · 26-30, F
[@412752,PoetryNEmotion] ok, so they don't think they can have me back on the hours I can do. It's below their minimum contracted hours. Otherwise I took my husband and the baby and she basically had to be nice 🤷‍♀️ I wasn't just on my own to bully anymore.
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
[@16110,instagramcat] Good for you! Bravo! That monster was thwarted. I think she must have a very unhappy life. Pity. So you don't have to work in a toxic environment. You must be so relieved.
DLTC66223 · 41-45, M
Post your resume online and apply for a job you will enjoy. Life is too short to put up with that b.s!!
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I Am Nervous About This, But Know It Must Be Done
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