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It gets better and better...

I have just eaten my tea... I only have one single slice of ham left now.

I informed my soon to be ex of this fact... and I was basically told that I'm going to have to make it through until next Monday like this. Yeah - I have one slice of ham to see me through four days. I'd already done all that I could to make what ham I had stretch as thinly as possible.

Why does he not show me some sort of sign that he actually values me as a person??? I officially rank under the cat and the hamster with the way that things are looking right now.

Every day, he's asking me if he can feed the hamster for me (I can't touch her food because it contains one of my allergens - the pet shop owner is unaware of my allergies and sent her with that particular bag unwittingly) and I have to point out that she still has plenty of food stashed in her tubing.

I'm thinking that I will wait and see what tomorrow brings because I guarantee that I won't be going without anything to eat for all that time.
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☹️ Where is you mom when you need her? Can’t you call social services or something?
Becksta · 36-40
[@372543,Vivaci] She accuses me of "Playing the victim" and enables the abuse - so I am on my own with all this.
Maybe record a video and send it to the authorities. Wasn’t he homeless before you adopted him? [@421598,Becksta]
Becksta · 36-40
[@372543,Vivaci] Yes... the guy that he lived with kicked him out because we abandoned him in a shopping mall (that was backed by a bus station that ran buses back to the town where he lives) because he wouldn't stop moaning about every little thing and disappear like he promised to.

No one wants to have an old man tagging along on their first date. The guy couldn't stand me because he knew my family and the reputation that we have locally.

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