I Am Going Through a Breakup
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Setting Intention for the Day

I am so thankful for another day without pain, both physical and mental. While going through this breakup, I've noticed that I was almost having PTSD symptoms. I looked it up online and people can actually go through PISD (Post Infidelity Stress Disorder) which mirrors PTSD symptoms very well. It explained why I was staying up until 2am and 5am, even though I was tired and wanted to sleep. It explained why my heart literally hurt, and I felt a burning sensation and pressure on it. It explained my intrusive thoughts, and I couldn't get out of my head what he had done, and for how long he had done it. The confusion, the shock, the anger.

But with time and a place to process (here), and receiving more education about PISD through the google searches, I actually feel better than ever this morning. I think this is the cleanest and fastest that I've ever healed from a breakup, what is it? 2 weeks? That's great. I think it makes it a lot easier to get over someone when they betrayed you (at least it has been for me).

And now I'm continuing to work on "Where from here?". I woke up and listened to a podcast, and it reminded me how important it is to set intentions for the day when you wake up. It's important to create goals so that you're intentionally moving toward them with your actions throughout the day (because it is so easy for us to get side-tracked).

So, without further ado... as it is Thanksgiving, I want to take time to be thankful for everything that I have. I will probably write an "I'm grateful post" after this. I also want to work on being present with my family. Sometimes I take their presence for granted and they and I will not be around forever. Some people don't get to celebrate with their families this year for a multitude of reasons. Some have bad relationships and don't want to celebrate with their families. I need to be thankful and show up for them today by being fully present with them.

I will try to help my brother find a job today. I will play Dance Dance Revolution with my Mom (she loves that game), and I will have a thoughtful discussion with my stepdad today. I will call my father, his girlfriend, and my old high school best friend today and work on being present with each of those phone calls.
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HatterM · 46-50, M
I have not heard of this but of course infidelity would be likely to be traumatic.
wtfgirl001 · 26-30, F
[@1044765,htreaty] Yes, it was actually I was actually surprised by how great of an effect it had on me.
Carazaa · F
Those people are very blessed to have you in their lives! Sorry about your loss!
wtfgirl001 · 26-30, F
[@889684,Carazaa] Thank you, that's sweet of you to say.

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