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I Have Something to Say

I Have Something to Say

馃檶馃檶We all came to this world as sinners.
The bible says we were born in sin, shaped in iniquity; and the only thing you can do to get rid of that, to get rid of sin, is to turn to Jesus.
He is the only one that is going to satisfy you, only one that is going to show you real love.
He loves you with everything He is; He gave is life for you. Now why not want to live for Him?

[b]- Montell Fish[/b]
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WeekendWarrior446-50, M
You posted it so I'll comment it. I live for myself, there is nobody above me except my wife, the real love of my life but thank you for sharing your view.
Lincoln9822-25, M
@WeekendWarrior4: With all due respect, you never were there and never did you do it. Catholicism and the bible are as opposite as the North and South poles, immicisible as oil and water. I am left to believe you have barely studied the bible. Much of what you know - which is not much - is no deeper than what you read whilst still under the Catholic umbrella (in mass; other catholic occasions). Please do correct me if I am mistaken in my deductions.
WeekendWarrior446-50, M
@Lincoln98: You are ABSOLUTELY incorrect! Maybe my terminology is incorrect but I was most definitely there son. I was spanked by those fucking nuns more than once. Don't ever challenge a man on the most hated part of his life.
Lincoln9822-25, M
@WeekendWarrior4: I never said you were not in the Roman Catholic system, what I said, in a conclusion, is that you knew nothing about Christianity. (Please reread my comment)
Or can I offer you what I do not have? If not, then how can Catholicism show to one Christ, relationship, & biblical doctrine, seeing as they themselves are void of these, & have theological grounds as parched as the desert.
What they could offer you was religion, whom they never could show you is Christ.

I encourage, sir, that you pick the bible and meditate on it.
"If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me." <--words of the man upstairs, ain't mine.
NigelDoes56-60, M
Fuck off cunt.
Lincoln9822-25, M
@NigelDoes: Love you too, mate
Justmerae51-55, F
This is directed at people of the Christian faith not the general population. It is a reprimand to them because they are failing to do what Christ taught.

Some people do not believe in the bible and quoting it does not make them suddenly believe they should start following a God they do not believe in.
Nobody that is not already trying to follow him is going to try to live for him.

I don't know if you'll comprehend that or not. I am not trying to be insulting but no matter how diplomatic I try to be many of your tribe attack me and insult me for not agreeing with them.
Lincoln9822-25, M
@justmerae: Why should the doctor attend the healthy? Or is it not the sick who need healing? So also, this is directed at the general population and not Christians.

And they do not believe in the Bible for the sole reason that their hearst are hardened against God & everything pertaining Him.

If they gladly insult and attack you then they are not my "tribe".
I am a Christian - acknowledged my sins and repented of them; bought by the blood of Christ away from justice into grace; a follower of Christ, a child of God - if I do not humbly proclaim the good news of the gospel and the statutes of God, in meekness and love, then I am ni Christian but merely a professor. Infact, I would be no more a christian than the church pews.

God bless you鉂

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