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I've had enough already!!!

Yeah... I'm playing with my Euro coins today - and I already screwed up with putting them in their correct spot in my album. I left a French 50 Euro cents out (intentionally) because I don't think I have enough space left with what needs to be reshuffled around and a pile of Spanish Euro coins sitting beside me... there are an additional nine coins sitting on my keyboard that I took out to make some space for other new coins to sit in their space...

I have just one empty page left, then there's no room at the inn for any more coins - so I'm thinking that at least some of these coins are going to have to sit in with my new acquisitions until such a time that I am given a new album or two to fill. The way things are going, I'll be needing two by the time I get one.

Once I finish playing with these coins, I then get to go and catalogue them again. This is going to be fun because I know that my statistics are going to skyrocket - and that's the one part of cataloguing that I love to see... when those numbers and weights go up. I've been putting this job off for as long as I could - because I screwed up doing it last time, and, yes, that was EU related, too!!!

Now I will be forced to find and correct my screw up before I go on to log all the coins that I never bothered to log after that. Yay me!!!

As usual, I'm looking forward to sharing how the numbers in the catalogue change as I add new coins because I know that some of my friends are enjoying seeing how I catalogue and can track the coins that I have in my collection at any given moment.

However, it's important to note that the catalogue won't be by any means complete when I stop adding data to it. The data that I'll be adding relates to just the coins that I have in my albums - any coins that I don't have album space for will just have to wait until such a time that I get some extra album space for them.
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I鈥檓 just delighted to see you busy and happy doing what you love to do.

I hope you have the best Tuesday ever! Seems like you are feeling better,馃槉馃馃尫
[@400392,Oster1] I'll be happier still when I know that I have enough breathing space to expand into with my collection - that's worrying me right now... especially when I have coins coming in faster than I can research and file them. The space shortage wasn't something that I needed.

Yes, I think that my man and I managed to sort out what was bothering us and I was able to go back to my usual self with that cleared up.

The medical stuff is starting to progress, too... though, with my recent referral to cardiology, I can't decide whether I should go back on my bp meds or not. My doctor isn't sure that I'm benefitting from them treating my high blood pressure and she said as much to me. I came off my bp meds - and, as sure as coins are coins, I stopped falling as much and became steadier on my legs. I'm still not 100% right yet - but I'm better than I was.
Thank you for keeping me informed. It seems you have been blessed with a wonderful Doctor. I just love to see you interested again. I have been keeping you, in my prayers and very concerned. You have made my day! I can just feel the difference in your words, Becksta! You are an awesome lady. Really enjoy your day!馃馃拹[@421598,Becksta]
Stereoguy56-60, M
Sounds like you are a avid coin collector. 馃檪
Stereoguy56-60, M
[@421598,Becksta] I am so sorry to hear all of this. 馃槩 I am glad you are there for her now. I do pray that she beats the cancer and moves past this. When my dad had cancer it was quick and he was gone.
[@78387,Stereoguy] As far as cancer goes, I can't decide which is worse, a quick death or a long, drawn out one. We suspect that my mother in law and brother in law both had cancer at around the same time - though my mother in law hid it and my brother in law was severely deaf and couldn't tell us that he was sick or make himself a doctor's appointment without help from a family member.

My mother in law died a week before I married her son (we wanted to get married at her hospital bedside - but they wouldn't do it, even though the thing that I married would be the only one out of all her 4 children to actually marry) and my brother in law would die three months later - it was somewhere between us getting married and my brother in law's death and cremation that my coin collection was stolen.

I think that she'll do very well as long as she keeps her determination to fight the illness... which she is doing. They say that her chemotherapy is still working after all this time, so that's encouraging. I'm looking forward to getting vaccinated so that I can go and see her without having to worry so much about her dealing with Covid19 on top of that - though she is vaccinated, I'm not and they decided not to vaccinate me as a carer, like they should have done. I've got to wait for the rest of my age group to come up instead because you get attitude for calling my surgery to ask about anything related to the vaccine.

I'm sorry that you didn't get much time with your dad after you found out about his cancer. I know that this is rough.
Stereoguy56-60, M
[@421598,Becksta] We came down for his surgery. He did great and they pronounced him cancer free. We knew his day's of living alone were over so we went back north closed our business. Packed up the house and moved to Florida. While we were packing up he had a terrible fall. We had bought a house in florida by his and he decided we were not paying anyone to mow the lawn while we were gone. She he went to Home Depot and bought some limber to make ramps to load his riding mower into the back of the truck. After he got done making the ramps he wanted to test them. Getting into the truck went fine. Getting out is where the problem was. He got off the ramps and both he and a running riding mower took a fall on to a concrete driveway. I am not sure if the cancer came back on it's own or if the fall caused it to return. After doing some research I found that a tramatic fall like that can cause the cancer to return. This time it came with a vengeance and he was gone in five weeks.

Do you have any clue who took your coin collection?
Now, I've definitely had enough for one day!!! I've just finished my second page of Euros and looked at page 3... the first thing I spotted were a Dutch 10 Euro cents and a Dutch 50 Euro cents. Yes, both these coins belong with their brothers on page two - so I now have to pick out even more coins to get back up to them. 馃槨 馃が 馃が 馃が 馃が

I'm not doing any more tonight... they can stay as they are until tomorrow now.

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