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Doing Good

is this wrong i dont know if it is

me: doesnt get fed properly so i go to buy a burger to eat

family: you only think of yourself youre selfish and you bring home covid

family: doesnt give me food

me: lives on left overs and chips to feel full

me:okay then im moving out and getting a job

family: no you cant. you have autism and you will never get a job. you only get paid little you will just die.
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jackieash · 22-25
This is mental cruelty. You have to get professional help to gain independence. You may have mild autism but this has not prevented you getting a degree and you are aware of your needs. If you ask for help, from a social worker, or similar, they will help you break the hold your parents think they are right to hold over you.
sadcarrot · 22-25, F
[@942238,jackieash] yeah i pay for my own psychologist but only i can afford one session per month but it helps. i willask my psychologist tomorrow what can i do and if she can help me break from how my parents treat me
blackcar · 26-30, M
When I turned 18 I had to pay rent at home.

I've been paying rent here for almost 10 years while my siblings get to live here for free.
Ynotisay · M
But you will get a job and you will make money and you won't die. So...yeah. Do that.

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