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Why don't you people ever listen

I don't hate white people. I'm not racist. Both my adopted parents are white, I have white siblings and relatives. I went to an all white school. I had white friends growing up. Not all of yall are the problem. I cant stress that out enough on here. I'm so tired of explaining myself. I just have resentment over racist people and most of them happen to be white 🤷‍♀️ why am i not allowed to express that without somebody getting offended. If it dosent apply, let it fly. Shit. I had to go to an all white school at some small hick town just 45 mins away from Harrison Arkansas (kkk headquarters) i was traumatized by them. Going to school and having to face that, and all my parents did was write a big fat check to the school for the school to listen and do something. But nothing got done. And i'm sure white kids who go to all Black schools have it just as bad, but we're not talking about them. I had no choice but to face that shit. Life was hell for me and every time i run into a racist person on here, I have to fight them 🤷‍♀️ idk why. I have to stress them out. I don;t like how they think they're the superior race. (and no, im not saying all whites think like this) I just don't see them as the superior race either (personal reasons that i wont go into because i'm not tryna get ban again) so if I act ugly on here, its because something is bothering me. I dont know why I cant just block them, I just feel like I have to defeat them. I have to hurt their feelings because most of them are grown ass adult men. I dont like how they think they can say whatever they want being white men. I'm this young Black women who will shut them down in a heartbeat and I love it. I get off to seeing those white bastards pissed. I know its toxic but stop looking at me as the bad guy. I wish I could just ignore them but I really have to troll them. (lol that rhymes). Its an addiction too just like any other addiction and i really need help and should receive support.
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you can’t change their deep seated biases, if you want racist whites to blindly listen to you, don’t fight them but trigger their white saviour or white guilt complex; honey attracts more flies than vinegar
LeoWulf · 36-40, M

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