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I hate my nose

Not for how it looks but ever since I was a child I can't breath properly through my nose. One side just randomly gets blocked and I'm left breathing through just one nostril. And when I go to lie down to sleep my nose just plugs up, doesn't matter how I lie down it gets blocked and have to breath through mouth.

It's really annoying, sometimes I wonder if that's the reason I always sound slightly nasal. It's not that noticable but I can hear it. Tends to be more noticable if one or both nostrils are blocked. But if not it's definitely not that noticable.

It's not that I get runny nose or something swells up, my nose just randomly gets blocked. Like right now the left nostril totally blocked and my right only little bit of air is getting through. So currently just breathing through mouth, which sucks it really dries out my mouth 馃槶
MrAverage196561-69, M
I have exactly the same problem.
You probably have a deviated septum.

A deviated septum is a condition in which the nasal septum -- the bone and cartilage that divide the nasal cavity of the nose in half -- is significantly off center, or crooked, making breathing difficult.

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Deviated Septum
Medically Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on December 16, 2020
A deviated septum is a condition in which the nasal septum -- the bone and cartilage that divide the nasal cavity of the nose in half -- is significantly off center, or crooked, making breathing difficult. Most people have some sort of imbalance in the size of their breathing passages. In fact, estimates indicate that 80% of people, most unknowingly, have some sort of misalignment to their nasal septum. Only the more severe imbalances cause significant breathing problems and require treatment.

Deviated Septum Causes
Some people are born with a deviated septum. Other people develop a deviated septum after injury or trauma to the nose.

Deviated Septum Symptoms
The most common symptom of a deviated septum is nasal congestion, with one side of the nose being more congested than the other, along with difficulty breathing. Recurrent or repeated sinus infections can also be a sign of a deviated septum. Other symptoms include frequent:

Facial pain
Postnasal drip
Loud breathing and snoring during sleep
A deviated septum may also cause sleep apnea, a serious condition in which a person stops breathing during sleep.


Deviated Septum Treatments
Sometimes symptoms of a deviated septum can be relieved with medications. If medicine alone doesn't offer adequate relief, a surgical procedure called septoplasty may be needed to repair a crooked septum and improve breathing.

Deviated Septum Surgery
During septoplasty, a surgeon, working through the inside of the nose, makes a small incision in the septum and then removes the excess bone or cartilage required to even out the breathing space of the nostrils.

Sometimes, a rhinoplasty, or "nose job," is combined with septoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose. This procedure is called septorhinoplasty. Septoplasty may also be combined with sinus surgery.
ozgirl51226-30, F
Ever had your sinuses examined?
Babydoll8726-30, F
[@516864,ozgirl512] nope
ozgirl51226-30, F
[@705971,Babydoll87] you may have a long term infection... Happened to a friend of mine... See your GP for a referral to an ear, throat and nose specialist
Have you talked to a doctor about this? You could have some structural issues in your nasal passage or sinus cavity. They could certainly check it out and if you do quite likely they can address it.
you know if it would make you feel more secure then go for it. Unlike Dickbag Onision I'm not going to be like don't mutiliate yourself bec ause I get it.

TheConstantGardener56-60, M
What about breathing exercises?
Babydoll8726-30, F
[@335077,TheConstantGardener] don't see how that would help
TheConstantGardener56-60, M
[@705971,Babydoll87] Because you mentioned that you can't breath through your nose. Breathing exercises can help establish the proper path.

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