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You get to update The Sims...

What features would you be adding if you could???

For me, I'd add an aspiration relating to Spa Day. It seems crazy that we got all that stuff and no aspiration to go with it.
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poisonouscupcake18-21, F
i want a world with seasons, i don鈥檛 get why they didn鈥檛 add one馃槖
poisonouscupcake18-21, F
[@421598,Becksta] i never noticed that probably cos i never play in live i always just build and do cas馃樄馃樄 thats so weird i wonder if there鈥檚 a setting or mod to turn it off?
i really need to get that mod that lets you live in vacation worlds
[@933084,poisonouscupcake] I don't bother with mods... though I do use the cheats on occasion.

With that said, though... I've never even tried the university cheats yet.

Too busy trying to earn my degrees and money the fair way - for a change.

I'm thinking that it might be nice to cheat myself max money - then go and live on campus as I work through all the degrees.
poisonouscupcake18-21, F
[@421598,Becksta] i鈥檝e never used the university cheats and tbh i don鈥檛 see the need, i鈥檓 a very nuclear family player
like i will strive to make the perfect family and have everyone be perfect with grades and their jobs so i don鈥檛 wanna cheat that
the only time i do that is with skill cheats, but only if i make a young adult or adult sim and i want them to already have some skills
tk999941-45, M
Make it all like Star Wars
tk999941-45, M
[@421598,Becksta] Ooooh I wanna be Kylo Ren 馃槄
[@1135204,tk9999] Hehehe, I imagine you being surprised when you found out that The Sims 4 had a Star Wars expansion... 馃ぃ
tk999941-45, M
[@421598,Becksta] *Makes Chewbaca sounds*

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