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I Am Random

Can you say 'Red lorry, Yellow Lorry' really fast over and over? 馃

Try it for yourself and see if you can! But if you cant, dont be saying you can 馃榿馃槀馃槉馃憤
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I can. And now I鈥檓 gonna have to listen to them too 馃槄
I won't even try
I struggle to say lorry/reliable

I cannot say

leroy's reliable lorry rentals
SolGryn26-30, M
I like you <3
SolGryn26-30, M
[@727519,AFreeThinker81] I hope we can talk more and be good friends <3
AFreeThinker8136-40, M
[@403535,SolGryn] id like that!
SolGryn26-30, M
[@727519,AFreeThinker81] want to chat? I'd really enjoy your company
Is this supposed to make you say something weird? I can鈥檛 say it though.
Justmerae51-55, F
Eaiser than red semitruck... yellow semitruck
Brickbybrick26-30, F
[@2144,Justmerae] not at alllll this is easier lol
smiler201256-60, M
{@afreethinker81 ] 馃槅 no i have a short tongue
Elessar26-30, M
Sopra la panca la capra campa,
sotto la panca la capra crepa.

Frank5261-69, M
One of the tongue twisters that they use to test out radio announcers and news readers (or was). I can't do it quickly.

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