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Closedown is the cure?

119 major economies according to the United Nations..were closed down around this Big Disease.
The closedown was the solution?

Michele Chossedovsky says there have been more than 12,000 deaths from the vaccine in just the EU countries alone. Was that the solution?

The FDA says the vaccines are experimental and unproved. Is this a solution?

A 2009 healthcare fraud settlement (fraudulent marketing) with Pheizer/Upjohn came down to $2.3 billion

The President of the European Union called Pheizer a "reliable partner" despite its criminality. And now this company will be implimenting a 1.8 billion dose contract to be distributed throughout the EU

Johnson and Johnson reached a tentative $26 billion settlement regarding opioid overdose victims.

How can we trust these companies with their recent past record?

After the March 2020 lockdown, overdose deaths increased threefold.

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The lockdowns helped initially, but have become an encumbrance on the economy. Covid is not nearly as deadly as originally believed. Excellent therapeutics are inexpensive and readily available. Survival rate is 99%+

Politicians and the media continue peddling fear.
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] I've heard vitamin D and zinc are effective preventatives. I live in sunless Seattle, so we eat vitamin D like candy. I probably got covid back in November, though I'm not positive. Ran a mild fever and felt weak for about 10 days and then it was over. I've never run a fever for more than 2-3 days or had ever been sick like that for that length of time.
[@448270,BizSuitStacy] I've never had any disease for FIVE MONTHS. So I had "it".
It almost killed me but I survived. NO thanks to anyone or anything except my own good sense, fasting and prior good health and good SENSE. Zinc is immensely helpful too, you are right. And D.

And now I'm IMMUNE and maskless and shot-less.

If the system tries to KILL me for acting like that let them try, its no big deal anymore.
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] Hang in there. People are waking up.
enjoyingitnow · 61-69, M
Hardly but really would you be around if there were no vaccines for small pox or measles everything in life there are risk some major some minor do you think all those people didn’t die? Maybe you are right why don’t you take a trip to one of the places still being ravaged by Covid 19 and it’s variants and come back and tell us about how it’s all a hoax.
[@4293,enjoyingitnow] The disease is really dangerous. Its killing people. Maybe that was the idea. Oh you're gone now, enjoying it now?

Sick people don't go out partying anyway. They wouldn't be enjoying it at all.
dubkebab · 51-55, M
Big pharma does seem entirely comfortable with big lies.
And politics are easily swayed by big money.

Keep questioning.Keep this dialogue going with your friends and neighbors.
AbbySvenz · F
Why are percentages so hard for people to understand? A small percent of a big number is a big number, compared to the same percent of a smaller number.

The fewer people infected, the fewer deaths there will be. The way to keep any virus from spreading is NOT TO BE AROUND OTHER PEOPLE.
Bimyself · 61-69
I think that whole covid thing is a bunch of bulshit Lies...
I supposedly had covid and did not get sick at all! I've had colds that were worse! And I will damn sure not be getting that stinking vaccine!
I am sure now that now I don't want to take vaccine. Even though people will say I am crazy.
[@1158409,littlepuppywantanewlife] Supposedly on the best advice I've heard...it keeps people from DYING once they have it.

Well I did that all by myself, and it was a hard fight.

If I SUED that miserable joint now, the settlement would be waaaaaaay more than the price of a jab..or a mask.

So I'm good. Its done for me. The paranoid/moron places don't need my patronage.
And I was just with a lady who had it recently and had no mask. She thought "it" was a "hoax" (the disease is more real than the finger-shaky Noah-flood..its killing people NOW) and I told her my story and she didn't understand.

I expect NOT to get it again from her. But I dont know. Life is playing with fate and little else.
The hospital played with MINE and almost won the gamble.

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