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If you're good at something never do it for free!
22-25, M
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Where do I sign up for farting jobs at?
MaxBrigid do I get someone to Payne to sleep?
*pay me to sleep.
Iknowme · 22-25, M
so does that mean i can charge you for this answer?
Iknowme · 22-25, M
Too late, you already did it for free
nope $100 please or i sue
Iknowme · 22-25, M
Lol I will sue you.
Disagreed... If yore good at something you have a responsibility to help ones in dire need when you can afford to
So true
life is about service to others, about giving something greater from yourself; if you can help someone, it's not about the profits, it's about doing your part in contributing to something higher for all.
Iknowme · 22-25, M
Well I ain't Bruce Wayne lol.
But I get your point. Only if everyone could think like this
lol. People can think whatever they want, but its only in doing that the world actually changes.
I tell my husband that all the time.
Iknowme · 22-25, M
You sound like a smart women lol.
Thanks :) that's good advice but I am too stupid and I get in trouble because of that a lot
Why not?
Iknowme · 22-25, M
Well you could earn alot of money for that.
Wrong. You can't charge for blow jobs.
Iknowme · 22-25, M
Well factually speaking you
Bit of a mood killer
Iknowme · 22-25, M
Sorry :)

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