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We are the strays?

I had an EPIPHANY Today!
I experimented with Three puppies (Oh u know them)
And found out what makes people happy and what makes people sad.
They okay.
I did An inference from my puppies.
Forming a future model of study and experimentation.
I proved universal ideals!!! :D.
(Have You heard of them?)
Or at least I have understood How to prove them.
Want to know?
It's big...That's why.
Okay I'll tell You.
But You are the Last person I'll tell.
Of course I wanna know! Tell meeeeee :D
My dog is very Happy
He is the happiest puppy I have ever seen.
He is always wagging his tail If You call him or play with him or interact in anyway.
He wags very hard..and also a little bit when he is bored.Just the tip.
He is As always hunting for food wherever he is and enthusiastic when People come...And goes to great anyone.

He was always like this.
I found him on the side of the road in a box with Another puppy.

I chose him as he was way a way happier puppy.
he used to try to nibble my hand more than the other puppy..His brother.
He still does nibble a lot.
While chosing a puppy from the two siblings..I had given them Both pieces of meat to eat.
My puppie's brother could not eat the meat as it was a little raw and stale You know..That was a delicate Dog
But My puppy gummed and gummed and gummed and ate it PLUS the other piece of meat Of his brother.
My puppy is a born Surviver.

There are two other puppies on the road.Not related to my dog

The Female puppy is little less happy than my dog but still wags tail and tries to eat and hunt things.
That is she will still eat things.
And is still friendly.
I made friends with her a little quickly Than her brother.

The third Male puppy does not wag tail and does not like to eat new things or more and is not as friendly
It is not happy

My inference is that the puppy which was most as a puppy SHOULD be is the most happy.
The puppy which was doing the things a puppy SHOULD do..Be friendly, meet life head on,Keep hunting For food was the happiest.

The Puppy which was most happy was-
*Highly enthusiast about people and about anything.
*ALWAYS keeps on hunting for things to eat and will eat almost anything you give him.You take him on the road and he will keep hunting AND finding things to eat.
Other dogs don't find things to eat like he does.
*Way friendlier than the other puppies and more Nibbling.

The Puppy which was medium happy was+
*Medium enthusiastic about things.
*Medium Friendly.
*Medium Hunting for food.

The puppy which was saddest(Wagged tail least) was
*Least enthusiastic.
*Least friendly.
*Least hunting desire for food.

My Inference is that.
Attitude to life matters.
in depression and happiness.

The more You are like You should be.
The happier You get.

These dogs personalities were mostly genetically determined.
Perhaps spiritually.

But a Human being can choose their personality.
Human beings can choose to do the things which will make them happy.

Our way of doing things and our outlook on life determined if we are happy or sad-in, extreme case depressed.
I don't seem to understand. What you're saying is that how happy you are determines how enthusiastic and friendly you act and how well you complete tasks? That's cool man! Awesome ^.^
My puppy is seriously TOO happy.
You give him a piece of bread and he will wag his tail off.
I need to record this stuff...
And then we can do the same experiments with many different puppies later.
well be careful if you are not spayed or Neutered ,my daughter will catch and fix you ,she is determined to fix over population ,
since the SPCA are so underfunded only animal control or a police officer can drop off cats here ,it is 75 dollars per cat to care for them until they get put down ,she already has a mini zoo ,so she cant save them all ,but she tries ,animals running wild do damage and are dangerous ,
so in the words of Bob Barker ,don't forget to fix you animals ,or my daughter just might lol,,to many thrown away pets ,she is at least trying to do something to stop it ,everyone who fixes their animals can help too
happy hunting ,I would say eat a mouse for me ,but I hate mice lol
I think we are.

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