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Which emotion do you suppress the most?
My most suppressed emotion is anger. I've suppressed it to the point that I can't tell anymore if I'm simply not an angry person or if there is something lurking under the surface.
31-35, F
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Apr 10, 2015
Anger and Sadness.
anger...and mostly punching 20 people/day
I supress my anger a freakin lot...and then it just explodes and sometimes over foolish things...and i hate to say but I'm a bit older than you to reasonable think about whats upsetting you and say it in a reasonable way...I let it fester sometimes and express it in nasty ways...if i let myself have a breather and say hey...this is upsetting me...i feel better even if they dont agree with me I know im being reasonable even if they dont like it lol if this makes sense :)
LunaInvicta · 31-35, F
I get you, especially the festering part! I take to writing when it gets too much and I feel like I have no way of expressing myself verbally.
Probably anger.

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