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I Am Against Feminism
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All the feminists I've seen are against men but they claim they are for equality. These b*tchs need to f*ck off. I once believed I was a feminist, until I saw these c*nts carry on like dickheads and pulling fake statistics out of their ares' "Oh well i want equal pay for women, we aren't getting paid as much as men" And the only reason for that is that men do more of the dangerous jobs. I.e they work in the mines and what a female teacher feels like she should get paid the same amount? But low pay for woman is not all true, my mother inlaw earns more than her husband. Woman can get these high paid jobs but many don't, so they should all shut the f*ck up.
LvChris · 36-40, M
If you're in the U.S., there is a still a documented difference in pay between people in extremely comparable jobs. Women are gaining ground, but most fields pay between 75-94% of what they'd pay a man when they pay a woman. There are, however, a few fields in which women are paid more for their time than men are in equal jobs. Last I checked, the number was ~80% pay parity.
LvChris · 36-40, M

Pick your favorite. You should filter for recent data if you actually want to read.

Edit: add wages or income or such to the search. I thought I had, but that'll give you some social arguments rather than all labor.
Leyenda · 26-30, M
Sweet. Thanks man, time to educate myself a bit. 🤓
LvChris · 36-40, M
@Leyenda: See above, add appropriate money-related search term~
Northwest · M
Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

If a woman is qualified to be a fire fighter, then she should be getting paid, the same as a male firefighter.

If a woman is a teacher, then she should be paid the same as a male teacher, with the same experience/education, doing the same job.

Comparing a teacher to a firefighter, does not work.

Pay inequality statistics, are real.

Does your mother-in-law do the same job as her husband? and do they both have the same education/experience? You cannot compare an apple to an orange.
Dreamprojector · 26-30, F
woman are getting the same pay for the same work. it's called an hourly wage (award wage). they did the same job, earned the same wage, for the same position, same education the only difference in wages was when one of them worked over time and this was back in the 90s.
Northwest · M
PS: You may want to lay off the b**ch and c**t talk. It does not add to the post, and it makes you sound like a bitter person, with an ax to grind.
AkAtSUki · F
I agree with you! They do not even break down the facts of these statistics! They b1tch about not getting equal pay, well shit, why should a person sitting in a desk all day be paid the same amount as a friggin COAL MINER, CONSTRUCTION WORKER, THAT PERILOUS stuff that they do where men can lose a limb if they mess up. Feminists are so entitled. smh.

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I Am Against Feminism
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