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Y’all got any body modification done?
Specifically tattoos or piercings?

I got 3 piercings that every basic white girl should have.
22-25, F
60 replies
Feb 12, 2020
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
But you're Middle Eastern!
Anyway, I have an earring and some tattoos. That's it.
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@23671,basilfawlty89] but we’re not Persian bruv. I’m not saying we’re not brown. Armenians come in different shapes and colours. Look up our history. Like I’m white but my two uncles are BROWN. We barely look related. But I cannot say I’m “brown” because that’s just racially insensitive to actual brown people. I am white. Therefore I am a white gorl.
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
[@26662,DragonSlayerr] I know you're not Persian, I'm saying you're genetically related to Persians. In fact at a stage you lot shared 90% of your vocabulary. I know Armenian isn't Persian though.

But you lot aren't white, because you lot don't get treated as white. Most Armenians I know had some form of racial discrimination, especially after 9/11 when people thought you were Iranians or Arabs, not that you are.
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@23671,basilfawlty89] I mean that is true for a collective of Armenians. But my parents never faced any discrimination based on their skin colour, or race. Esp not during 9/11. Only for having pretty thick accents. Sometimes we do not have the same privilege as white people yes. But we are still white. Just not European, North American white. That is the ignorance of this country.
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@843186,NunIover] noice
Tulips · F
I have my ears and belly button pierced. No tattoos yet.
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@461488,Tulips] same
That's why you white girls shitty
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@940221,PurpleVioletBlue] omg theennnksss
Autonomous · 41-45, F
3 sets of earrings. 1 back tattoo. I got the basic white girl set.
Imsleepy · 26-30
I used to have my ears and lip pierced. No tats for me.
xixgun · M
I'm looking to have these installed
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@777164,xixgun] pretty painful process tho
xixgun · M
[@26662,DragonSlayerr] Yeah but you're super buff when they're done.
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
[@777164,xixgun] And never pet another puppy?
anotherclone · 31-35, M
oh yea, i got pretty bomb ass scars from when i tried committing suicide
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@59911,anotherclone] i said friend! My ass is of none of ur concern young man...
anotherclone · 31-35, M
[@26662,DragonSlayerr] no deal then
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@59911,anotherclone] tsk. Yes deal. So shut up
4 tattoos
4 Tattoos, both ears double pierced. It’s not a stereotype, I got my first tattoo when the only people who generally had them were sailors, rock stars and Yakuza.
I was [b]none[/b] of the above. 😄
DragonSlayerr · 22-25, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] u r a baddass

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