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If you had an Autobiography, what would the last sentence of the book be??
36-40, F
26 replies
Jan 9, 2018
SailorMarz · F
“Just kidding”
marsbar · F
[@20628,SailorMarz] Lol. Perfect ending for you.
marsbar · F
.... And then my life began.
Wish2ReliveThe70s · 51-55, M
"The End" Duh!

lol, jk
MrsKatherineArch · 36-40, F
"And she lived happily ever after".
...and then I woke up.
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@330935,Underconstruction] 👍😌
ConcealMySins · 18-21, M
...and then he was able to achieve orgasm.
monster007 · 41-45, F
“And she was never seen from again...”

Seastar · 36-40, F
[@492526,Haileygamer099] Phew lol
GwydionFrost · 51-55, M
"You know, although the book ends here, lots more shit happened after this natural break point in my story... just saying."
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@188267,GwydionFrost] 😁
Backroads · 36-40, M
Wasn’t that the craziest shit you’ve ever read?
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@668249,Nowuseeme] 😆
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