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Who has eaten a ghost pepper?
I don't know why i love spicy foods so much but I do. People think I'm a little crazy. I tried my first ghost pepper last night. It was just a tiny piece but it was unbelievably hot. The flavor was amazing however. So, who else has been crazy enough to eat a real ghost pepper?
46-50, F
65 replies
Dec 1, 2017
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Not me and never will.
irishmolly72 · 46-50, F
[@16806,cherokeepatti] 😁
PinkPunk · F
my friend did on a dare she almost shat herself
PinkPunk · F
[@6763,bhatjc] yeah she won it
bhatjc · 41-45, M
[@397571,PinkPunk] Sweet. Hope you got better from the dare
PinkPunk · F
[@6763,bhatjc] we do some really weird dares here lol
unknownpoetx · 31-35, M
me. not THAT hot. very hot indeed but not super hot or anything. I grow them.
Yeah they are crazy, no doubt someone will say they love em or they have had hotter. Meh!
[@643802,Dobbin] see!😑
elVato · 41-45, M
Had a ghost pepper relish.
irishmolly72 · 46-50, F
[@334019,elVato] how was it? was it sweet or salty?
thenightwatchman · 31-35, M
Yes I used to eat lots and have chilli powder with ghost peppers that I use to make Mexican salads
tiggerandariel13 · 36-40, M
[@510181,irishmolly72] I had one when I was 12
irishmolly72 · 46-50, F
[@1263,tiggerandariel13] How was it? I guess you didn't like it
tiggerandariel13 · 36-40, M
[@510181,irishmolly72] I liked it my older daughter gave her sister one for telling on her
SW User
Must try one - a tiny bit of it that is!
SW User
They're a$$holes..
Honeylove · 41-45, F
irishmolly72 · 46-50, F
[@579402,Honeylove] Chicken! lol
Honeylove · 41-45, F
I grew up around hot chilli peppers and never liked them.[@510181,irishmolly72]
irishmolly72 · 46-50, F
[@579402,Honeylove] Oh I love those! I grew lots of them in my yard this summer.
tiggerandariel13 · 36-40, M
my oldest daughter made her sister eat one for telling on her
[@1263,tiggerandariel13] I hope the elder one got in even more trouble for that. It’s nothing to play with.
tiggerandariel13 · 36-40, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] she did she had to do her sister's chores for a week and she got spanked
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