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I Am Tired of Creepy Guys Hitting On Me

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Posted about 2 years ago on EP;
[b][c=#800000]But Funny![/c][/b]
[c=#BF6900]OK so this guy contacted me in Sept with something that, well, it wasn't that bad nor obvious. He told me that he was in Alexandria in the north of my state. At 1st I thought it was someone just talking, it happens, not everything is about sex...
It became apparent that he was misled and I told him to look at my profile so he's realize I was male, he moved on.
At that time he was well spoken, which you will see from this that he is ... not now. No idea why that changed. Let's get into it shall we?[/c]

Tveeporter 1 day ago; Miss you
zmedleff1: Well, long time no hear from... I hope all is well. Exactly why do you miss me?
Tveeporter; Coz u r very wised teacher
zmedleff1; wised? Not sure that's it.
Tveeporter; You dont have a wisedom in ur life ? U r not a wised sober person?
zmedleff1; Whaaa? You're not making sense, these are not ways people use English.
Tveeporter; U know im not american. Do u like yoni massage?
zmedleff1; Your VERY FIRST message included the words "im from Alexandria ,VA" last I checked that means you're from America. OR did you mean you were visiting Alexandria? Never the less your communication used to be more clear. This message "You dont have a wisedom in ur life ? U r not a wised sober person ?" is gibberish. If you want to communicate then please try to do so more like you used to. While we're at it this message "Do u like yoni massage?" means nothing to me. Whatever are you trying to say tonight?
Tveeporter; Then , I used to speak well, i think thst i didnt used my words correctly , anyway i need to talk to you to night
zmedleff1; Why do you need to talk to me?
Tveeporter; I need to know if you are interested in an ordinary friend :) Im looking for a well educated lady to give her yoni massage as friends it is not all about sex other than healthy treatment :)
zmedleff1; I don't know any ladies that do massage, well, none that i still associate with.
Tveeporter; So did you try soft skilled hands for yoni , i can do it , no sex
zmedleff1: OK, Look this is painful to keep up... last time we talked I was a male, this time I am a male, it didn't change. If you want to talk to someone about this kind of thing then you need to get to know them. Read my profile and stories and you'll know I'm male.
Tveeporter; My phone is *0*5*41865 (***= same number, occurs in DC area code) Sorry bye

[c=#BF6900]Then, golly gee, he blocked me. I wanted to believe that Yoni Massage was a ... type of massage I hadn't yet heard of, better that than he actually be a person who would refer to himself in 3rd person [/c]

There were some worthwhile comments to this, btw;
zmedleff1 massage would be better! by pineychick
Well... I could give you a yoni massage to see if that calms you down. by zmedleff1 -- me
This makes me excited. by pineychick
Hahaha had something similar happen to me. This is far less coherent though. by NotApplicable
Yoni's phone number IS there if you think he could clear it up. But seriously don't call this skin flute. by me
Sorry, bud, I can not save you [from it] I can't even save my self. No, but it is hard to grasp. by Me
I, uh, What? by NotApplicable
Word. by Ifacesitmybf
Lol! Thanks, that gave me a good laugh. Yoni massage for the wisedom sober person. Lol. also by justnicky
Just read this again for a good laugh. by justnicky

[b][c=#BF6900][big]I still don't know what a yoni massage is...[/big][/c][/b]
46-50, M
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Nov 21, 2016
BellaLocura · 46-50, F
It's a vaginal massage.
xmedleft · 46-50, M
OMG then why couldn't the weirdo say vaginal? Why in hell would he thing a vag-sage would be non-sexual?
xmedleft · 46-50, M
thanks for clearing that up BTW
SW User
I have a question. If you're tired of creepy guys hitting on you, why did you add me? I don't know you.
SW User
@zmedleff1: you started following me and I don't know who you are. Will you take me off your friends list?
xmedleft · 46-50, M
As you wish.
SW User

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I Am Tired of Creepy Guys Hitting On Me
For women that have old men.married men etc hitting on them
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Posted about 2 years ago on EP; But Funny! OK so t... | I Am Tired of Creepy Guys Hitting On Me | Similar Worlds