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Why do people have to want more than they have?
After a conversation with a colleague i was left feeling inferior because I didn't have any desire to take on a management position. I am quite happy being an engineer, working on the actual product and my time off being mine to spend with my family. If i took on a management role i would lose lot of these things just for money and status.
Am i wrong?
31-35, M
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Aug 8, 2019
Edited: 4 mths ago
DDonde · 26-30, M
I'm the same way, I'd never want a management position.
soulsrespite · 26-30, F
no, you’re not wrong. everyone has it in their heads that a managing position is somehow more fulfilling, when it’s completely up to you, and not everyone wants to have that position.
SW User
You’re not wrong, and you shouldn’t feel inferior about it. If you’re happy with your job, and with your life overall, then do what keeps that up!
some engineers just like to grind it out ..
firefall · 61-69, M
Not at all. I had two periods of being a manager, and it just didnt suit me at all, I was very happy to revert to a backroom position instead.
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
Everyone's ultimate goal is to be happy and you're already there.
There's nothing "inferior" about that.
Anopenheart · 46-50, M
All capitalism and advertising is designed to convince you that what you have is not good enough and need to buy or have something more in order to have happiness
[@2213,Anopenheart] advertising - yes. Capitalism - No ..
Anopenheart · 46-50, M
Capitalism can't survive without advertising. It doesn't mean it is inherently bad. It is just the reality[@10925,waleskinder]
Anopenheart · 46-50, M
Do what you love. Not what people expect of you

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