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What would make someone think I am fake?
I get called a man a lot. I don't get it.

18-21, F
22 replies
Jan 11, 2017
SeductivePrincess · 26-30, F
Me too because I'm sexual
Pleasingyou81 · 41-45, M
Your not a man. Maybe you need to ignore them...
Why would they think tjat
MorbidCynic · 18-21, F
@Letsplaytogether6969: thanks lol
@MorbidCynic: unless....
MorbidCynic · 18-21, F
@Letsplaytogether6969: ._.
Antiquity · F
Maybe it's because you're attractive. I suppose it's a bit odd to find someone decent looking on such a weird site...
MorbidCynic · 18-21, F
But you're hot and here you are..
Antiquity · F
@MorbidCynic: That's why I believe you. 😉
You're definitely not a man.
InvaderNice · 22-25, M
You don't seem fake to me.
meJess · F
Putin the effort and you can Trump their lies
[c=#BF0080]I have quite a few times.. I think it's funny. 😆
I'm going to start sending Googled dick pics to the ones who ask me that. 😂[/c]
SW User
Guess it is because all the testosterone your posts emanate...🤔 ok...not really...ah well, cause people are weird? 🙀
rejection.. it hurts..
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