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Why do I keep having dreams of war?
They have been lucid dreams also.
22-25, M
8 replies
Nov 18, 2016
LadyWioness · 51-55, F
Possibly because all of the stuff going on since Trump won the election. People are afraid he will cause America to go to war.
Mividaloca · 22-25, M
No i don't think it's that. Because I don't think that he will take us to war except maybe with ISIS or something
wonderland63893 · 22-25, F
your a reincarnation of soldier
Mividaloca · 22-25, M
If you believe in that kind of thing I guess
SW User
It'll be representing some conflict in your life. I always find it helpful to remember the feeling from the dream and try to place that feeling in your waking life.
SW User
Lately, I've been dreaming that my dog goes walking with me and gets lost. I spend the dream running around frantically searching for her. I don't think we realize the worries and feelings going on in our head sometimes, and it comes out in our dreams.
puck61 · 56-60, M
There for a while, every night I was having very 'real' dreams about being back in the service. Well, one thing about today's world is that we are constantly on the brink of a major war. We've been involved in "police actions" non stop since we've been a country....but any day, we could be having our own doors kicked in. I hope it's not prophetic.
Mividaloca · 22-25, M
Hopefully not

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Why do I keep having dreams of war? | Miscellaneous | Similar Worlds