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How do I handle this situation? (pretty long read)

I recently took a class where I had to do a literature search on a topic, understand it, and then write code based on the model to reproduce experimental results. It was supposed to be a group project, and I was paired with another guy taking the class.

He was struggling with the course content and barely contributed to the project, I had to do almost everything myself. Every time I outlined something for him to do, he wouldn't do it (admittedly, because he didn't know how- and I couldn't walk him through it because it was new to me too and so doing that would essentially be me doing it myself. Also, we were pressed for time) so I just ended up doing everything technical myself. He did help with typing part of the report (typesetting equations in LaTeX), but that was pretty much it. For the presentation, he fumbled his part (and the questions he was asked). He didn't reach out to me before the presentation, and I tried to run him through it all some days before, where he pretended like he understood what I was saying. Thankfully I didn't get too bad a grade on the class, though I feel I could've done much better if I had a better teammate.

Now here's the problem. I'm a Masters student who wants to continue to a PhD, and when discussing with my advisor, I showed him my presentation for the class and now we're considering extending the work to another area to see if we can come up with something which could possibly be a PhD research topic. I presented the project to him again, so in the slides he noticed my teammate's name, and assumed that he (my teammate) put equal work into the project. I didn't want to out rightly say that he did next to nothing, but I also didn't say that he did anything too, I kind of just steered the convo away from that. I didn't want to bad-mouth my teammate, and also was afraid of giving the impression that I can't work in a team. But now he's insisted that I invite my teammate to work with us, which is understandable, since under normal circumstances it would be unfair to build off someone else's work without acknowledging them.

So now I just messaged my teammate to ask if he'd want to join us, hoping he'd just say no and that'd be the end of that. He hasn't responded yet, but I cannot go endure doing all the work again while someone just tacks their name on it (while saying "sorry for not doing anything" and "thank you for doing everything"). Also, do you think I should let my advisor know? Another thing that further complicates it is that he's my teammate's advisor as well. But we're both just Master's students atm, so I can't exactly say we're in the same "group/lab" yet.

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