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Went out to dinner the other day and saw this artwork on the wall

It was a series of photographs of plastic figurines of sheep and pigs in weird poses on a pink background - purely awful!

But what was shocking, was one had them wearing kkk hoods.

I was revolted!

Who dafuq thinks THAT'S ART!!!馃が
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ZenraLover31-35, M
Well, so could this means that KKK supporters are just bunch pigs ?
ZenraLover31-35, M
HaHaHa, indeed.
[@854139,ZenraLover] good point! 馃憤
ZenraLover31-35, M
Thank you, [@912138,OogieBoogie].
You are the only one wearing a mask and I couldn't make a head or tail of that work of art.
sheep in hoods is quite the statement
[@1077581,ammelee] it was gross!

Imagine the ruckus if this was in an American restaurant!
Johnblackthorn56-60, M
Sometimes art is a statement, in this case a statement concerning the perceived mentality of sheep(followers of the crowd and not free thinkers) and racists.
[@1049557,Johnblackthorn] I don't care the statement this time - it's still offensive!

I get art is an expression - but this doesn't belong in a restaurant!
Johnblackthorn56-60, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] to find it offensive is a touch strange, however it's placement is equally strange because it "normalises" kkk hoods admittedly on animals, there are many cases where political statements are made, especially where racism is concerned, only for the statement to be lost because the audience didn't understand the statement behind it,British 80s sit coms suffered from this, specifically alf garnet in "til death do us part" he was taking the piss out of racist behaviour, unfortunately it made racism funny and as such actually promoted it!
If art needs explaining it's placement should be thought about carefully.
[@1049557,Johnblackthorn] I agree - art can be contextual... And a.resturant place for something like that!

I believe in freedom of expression.

But if my daughter can't post a piece of art with a girl with cuts on her wrist in an art forum - then this definitely can't be put where families eat!
Shutterbug51-55, M
It will be art that is meant to shock and make you uncomfortable?

Though I hope it wasn鈥檛 created with grant money
[@377577,Shutterbug] it's so sad - tj3 creativity ans skill I see on deviant art - and theres this bullshit being hung on diner gallery walls - it's jist fucking offensive to true artists!
Shutterbug51-55, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] hope the food was better?
[@377577,Shutterbug] the food was great - just hated looking ar this "crap arsed 'art'".

Never left a negative review in my life till now!
Looks like the tips of their hoods are interlinked. I believe they are going for the shock value.
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] yep - i'd agree # 馃憤馃憤馃憤

The cheapest move by any "artist"(ie - I have no talent so I will offend and call it "expressive art")

WANKERISM at its best! 馃う鈥嶁檧锔
That definitely mocks any concept of aesthetics. I couldn鈥檛 even consider it Dada.

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