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What's an absolutely useless fact that you know?
61-69, M
28 replies
Nov 2, 2016
Fredbloggs26-30, M
Snakes don't have armpits....
Fredbloggs26-30, M
@Flenflyys: glad you liked it. I hope I brought a smile to your beautiful face...
Flenflyys26-30, F
Still laughing 馃槀
Fredbloggs26-30, M
SW User
Hitler had a lot of STDs
billstickers31-35, M
You would know that nazi boy.
SW User
I missed you retard C':
UnsureForNow41-45, M
Spiders eat children.
billstickers31-35, M
That 90% of members of bulgarian marching bands sing in the bath and have a small penis.
Yulianna18-21, F
... and that is just the women...
SirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
@Yulianna: how dare you insult Bulgarian women!!They are very sexy!
StrangeLove41-45, F
Zampire bats are so light and nimble that they can suck other animals blood for up to 20 minutes without that other animal noticing.
MalteseFalconPunch31-35, M
Most of the facts I know are "useless"
In the Isley Brothers' "Shout" they go "a little bit softer now" twelve times while "a little but louder now" only nine times meaning you never get back to the same level of volume.
UnsureForNow41-45, M
That may be the greatest fact I've ever read.
You're welcome.
Flenflyys26-30, F
A shoplifter can't actually lift a shop.
Fredbloggs26-30, M
Seems so obvious but not something I would have thought of.馃槀
SW User
Barnacles have the largest penis to body ratio of any animal.
billstickers31-35, M
what even martin
firefall61-69, M
we've just passed the 601st anniversary of the battle of Agincourt
SirfurryanimalWales61-69, M
Funnily enough I knew that as well!!
firefall61-69, M
@Furryanimal: Well, I celebrate it every year, as the occasion my ancestor refused a knighthood 馃槅

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