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Why is everyone mean to me?
16-17, M
17 replies
Mar 16, 2019
StevetheSleeve · 26-30, M
You blew up my toaster.
This message was deleted.
Platoscave · 91-99
Bad-sign day?
Marta · 18-21, F
SomeMichGuy · 46-50, M
[@809152,Marta] ouch! lol
SomeMichGuy · 46-50, M
Nice nail, though. Your finger is you play the piano?
SomeMichGuy · 46-50, M
Sorry you feel this there a special reason...?

Or is it that you are experiencing the cruelty of kids in school?
Puffieke · F
Try not to respond to it. 🙂
SailorMarz · F
You know why 🙄
Because you’re a self indulgent adolescent. OR They’re assholes. Only you know.
Anonymartyr · 51-55, M
When people aren't mean they are being deceptive.
SomeMichGuy · 46-50, M
[@826133,Anonymartyr] 😣 I think that a lot of probs in your neighbor to the South woukd be fixed by changing how money gets into politics...

If we had no corporate donations or lobbying, we could easily pass laws such that we had both living wages and a requirement that employers provide benefits proportional to work hours (so that games to try to keep ppl from having benefits--thus forcing ppl to have multiple jobs--would stop and the plethora of part-time work would tend to dry up and become "FTE's"...).

Those would go a long way to stopping this.

Also, a recent ad campaign here claimed that we could stop hunger with about 5% of our budget. I would gladly do that.
Anonymartyr · 51-55, M
You are entirely correct.
SomeMichGuy · 46-50, M
[@826133,Anonymartyr] Well, now that I see where you are coming from, I totally agree... 😣

Perhaps we can nudge things in the proper direction...
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