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Have you ever punched someone?
(face, gut..) If so, why ?
36-40, F
55 replies
Mar 15, 2019
DDonde · 26-30, M
LaconIconic · 41-45, M
Why?[sep]Coz it felt like the right thing to be done ;)
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@270290,YMITheWayIM] 🙈lol
LaconIconic · 41-45, M
[@562099,Seastar] 😬
Which time? lol
[@562099,Seastar] Love you too. 🖤🤗
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@605647,Nothingness] Was so good I agree...
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@605647,Nothingness] 🤗🦋
HueyPLong · M
Yes in a fight in a bar hit him in the face.
kawasaki · 26-30, F
Yes. Thug life.👊
Overwatch6 · 41-45, M
[@458994,kawasaki] WEST COAST
kawasaki · 26-30, F
[@811673,Overwatch6] word up.
Several times.
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@824678,SniperMk1Mod0] Oh interesting.. why ?
[@562099,Seastar] various reasons. Pissed me off mostly.
The important thing to remember is to hit them hard enough, in the right places and often enough so they don't get back up for a while or without help.
ChiRho · 22-25, M
Yeah more times than I can count and anywhere I could lol
TheJagsman · 22-25, M
When I was 11, because the guy I punched was bullying my younger brother.

Then in early secondary school, a guy who I didn't get on with, the feeling went both ways, once or twice we came to blows.
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@8893,TheJagsman] Awww I hope he stopped bullying.... 🌺
TheJagsman · 22-25, M
[@562099,Seastar] Yeah, he did. A bleeding nose and sore head was enough
Caprice · 36-40, F
Yes. Self defense.
Caprice · 36-40, F
[@776292,BeefySenpie] pervert🙄
[@663036,Caprice] :(
Caprice · 36-40, F
[@776292,BeefySenpie] awwww. Dont be sad😉
Chaoticneutral · 26-30
Once when someone was talking about my mother, another time in a fight i didn't want, several times at a goregrind gig, i hooked someone in the armpit once (dropped). Probably more than that tbh.

Funny enough though i'm not a violent or aggressive/malicious person.
I've never sought conflict, just always found me.
Chaoticneutral · 26-30
[@562099,Seastar] [youtube=]

It's just demonic sounding grind metal lol.
I don't really listen to it but the gigs are fun
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@877165,Chaoticneutral] Ohh wow... Thanks :)
I’m adding this to my playlist lol. I have a strong appreciation of the heavy stuff.[@877165,Chaoticneutral]
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