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What do you like the most about adult life?
17 replies
Jan 11, 2019
wings and beer ..

Everything except the parts where I'm expected to be mature and responsible.
summerwind · 36-40, F
I can eat desserts before dinner
tenente · 31-35, M
paying taxes, always tired, complaining about back pain, ... fuck i hate my life
AcidBurn · F
I remember when I was a kid I swore I was going to drink all the soda and eat all the ice cream I wanted... *sighs*
MalteseFalconPunch · 31-35, M
Emarkx · 26-30, M
[@19840,MalteseFalconPunch] *slides my dick in your jeans*
MalteseFalconPunch · 31-35, M
Emarkx · 26-30, M
Porn flakes...... Oorrrr I got you there. Thought I was gonna say "porn" alone. Muhaha
ZaybGOTHLING · 18-21, F
I can’t wait to become one.. freedom!!!!!
basilfawlty89 · 26-30, M
[@5334,ZaybGOTHLING] but you are one though
ZaybGOTHLING · 18-21, F
I don’t have the same privileges though as long as I’m living with my parents. They try to control everything [@23671,basilfawlty89]
People don't assume you cannot handle certain things.
PraiseTheLord · 18-21, F
Not being legally considered a piece of property.
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