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What would u think if your therapist said..?
When on topic of the severe abuse you went through..that you "needed to go through that"? Im trying to think she meant that WAS what happened and I went or got through...but what would u think or feel about it? On other hand im like NO NO ONE should ever have to go through that馃槥
36-40, F
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Jan 15, 2018
NaughtyAmber46-50, M
What did you go through if I can ask.
Seastar36-40, F
[@368946,NaughtyAmber] Years of mental and physical abuse from my psychopathic mother
Davidarendale031-35, M
[@562099,Cloverleaf] yeah she's not a good therapist.
NaughtyAmber46-50, M
[@562099,Cloverleaf] I鈥檓 sorry to hear this. How far did she take it with you? The abuse.
You need a new therapist,no matter how she meant it.
Davidarendale031-35, M
I've never heard anything like that before. Unless the abuse your talking about is something very minor like unrequited love. But I doubt that's the case.
Seastar36-40, F
[@655261,Davidarendale0] No ..mental and physical abuse
cycleman56-60, M
"you need to get it off your chest". I am guessing!
Have you talked of your abuse to lots of others? Cuz just talking about it a few times is not enough.
MellyMel2236-40, F
[i][c=#BF0080]I would think if she meant well, she doesn鈥檛 have a way with words 馃槼[/c][/i]
SW User
i mean, did you ask her to clarify?
Seastar36-40, F
[@68426,Coldeyes] No but am going to tomorrow
Asumadre41-45, M
That鈥檚 a good question for your therapist
Seastar36-40, F
[@334419,kekobaka] Yeah asking tomorrow just wanted to feel Im not off base thinking that was pretty off
Doesn't sound like a very empathetic therapist.
purplepen46-50, F
I think she was probably making a typical psychological comment and it came out wrong. Either, 'You're a good person and it's partly because you suffered do much' or 'You need to go through the grieving process in order to recover.' Either way, she didn't think properly before making the remark. Perhaps she should get herself tested.
Seastar36-40, F
[@658702,purplepen] Yes i thought too maybe she meant your second line but I remember we were not talking about subject of healing so looking back it didnt really jive馃槩
ScrewThisImDone22-25, F
I'd say that "therapist" has no idea what the hell she's doing.
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