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Guys, when you're giving her oral..

Which do you enjoy MOST?
A. She pulls your head to her, closer
B. She moans throughout
C. She arches hips up to you rhythmically
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TurtlepowerM Best Comment
Oh man, what if none of that happens? :(

Otherwise, all three of them portray my favorite part which is that she's enjoying herself.
[@562099,Coralmist] I was born in 1986. Omg I used to have the movies on vhs until I moved a few years ago.
Coralmist36-40, F
[@565666,Turtlepower] Cool .I'm '82! Those were the days馃檪
[@562099,Coralmist] Much simpler times for sure.

rainguy41-45, M
C, followed by A
reubles36-40, M
D. When she finishes
Eddiesolds56-60, M
All 3.
DropTopDig90-99, M
All of the above!
Just guys, huh? *kicks a rock*
[@605647,DarkHeaven] I understand. Nothing wrong with that
[@113373,TexChik] Basically explains me. lol

Backdoortothesublime41-45, M
[@605647,DarkHeaven] Smoooooking video. She's cute and sensuous as Hell.

Now my pants have tightened
AllelujahHaptism31-35, M
been too long to remember lmao
vetguy199146-50, M
All the above
Coralmist36-40, F
[@9520,vetguy1991] But if you HAD to choose one?
vetguy199146-50, M
[@562099,Coralmist] probably the moans
PTCdresser5761-69, M
justanothername51-55, M
All three although hearing her moan is the biggest turn on. 鉂わ笍
blackcar26-30, M
All of the above 馃ゴ
exexec61-69, M
B. but there are more sounds other than moaning, all good
Dolimyte36-40, M
B and C. A sounds unpleasant.
D. All of the above
ekwalizur36-40, M
Pretty well anything I make her do involuntarily. Even that time she wacked me in the head
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
I have never done it.

I think I need to experiment.

Anybody? Anybody?

FrozenWasteland61-69, M
I'd have to say C, but what I like the MOST is when she goes silent, pulls really, really hard on the ropes and shakes uncontrollably. Over and over again.
What I enjoy the most is how it makes me feel. I know what kind of effect it has on her.
[@562099,Coralmist] On cloud nine.
Coralmist36-40, F
[@9416,Northwest] sigh lol
[@562099,Coralmist] [quote]sigh lol[/quote]

If I don't enjoy what I'm doing, then it eventually turns into routine.
SageWanderer70-79, M
A, B&C of course and if D is all the above then E which is pushing my face away because she can鈥檛 take anymore.
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
[@516380,SageWanderer] WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
*Taking notes for who I want to friend next*
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
[@605647,DarkHeaven] I鈥檓 thinking you and [@516380,SageWanderer] have me very confused about my sexuality right now. 馃き
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] This song perfectly explains my intensity level in the sack.

Backdoortothesublime41-45, M
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] Don't forget about me. You wouldn't want me out of practice馃憤
Coldplay56-60, M
C. This is when I know I did it right.
1stexhub56-60, M
B but while moaning tells me how good it feels
LunarOrbit56-60, M
C is the correct answer.

A is direction
B is communication
C is reaction

According to Newton, if you鈥檙e doing it right, every action has a reaction.
Synyster46-50, M
D-when she shakes.
Coralmist36-40, F
[@795132,Synyster] 馃き
Synyster46-50, M
[@562099,Coralmist] 馃槣
mikeylyksit41-45, M
I like it when she starts bucking involuntarily and I have to hold her down to keep my tongue engaged. So I guess "D".
Coralmist36-40, F
[@1201123,mikeylyksit] whoa馃檲
JohnnyNoir56-60, M
That鈥檚 a partial list
Coralmist36-40, F
[@1139259,JohnnyNoir] Your reply?馃
JohnnyNoir56-60, M
[@562099,Coralmist] all the above obviously but others I could add
Creyvin1Morehead36-40, M
E. the cuddles & kisses after
Coralmist36-40, F
[@1203332,Creyvin1Morehead] Awww馃尲馃That's sweet.
When she cries out in her native tongue, uses her thighs like a nutcracker on your head, and when she can鈥檛 stand it any longer, pushes you away and in her orgasms shakes like a dog trying to shit a peach pit!
chockaholic202056-60, M
All of the above...!!! 馃槂馃敟鉂わ笍
JoePourMan61-69, M
C. B. A. Houston we have liftoff!
Tres1351-55, M
C fucking my face
PatKirby41-45, M
A culminating in B with a crescendo towards the end.
Adogslife61-69, M
A. Is the starter
B. No moan, more like, 鈥淥h, fuccck.鈥
C. Not C. The hips won鈥檛 have the energy left.
Iamonfire66631-35, F
I know I enjoy doing all of those things when someone is between my legs.
Backdoortothesublime41-45, M

Doing that also helps me get in further
Coralmist36-40, F
[@1195324,Backdoortothesublime] 馃檴馃槢
Backdoortothesublime41-45, M
[@562099,Coralmist] And make sure you lick, kiss, and suck with gusto. We're not weatherproofing here!馃憤
Backdoortothesublime41-45, M
Samsema22-25, M
Can it be all of the above ?!
Backdoortothesublime41-45, M
As far as the moans go: if you can hear them loudly, despite her thighs blocking your ears, you both are in good position and doing it right馃憤
Backdoortothesublime41-45, M
[@1195324,Backdoortothesublime] I love, love, love the pleasure spasms that brings
Wolf9031-35, M
C. I'm open to correction of course but I personally get more confidence that I am in the right zone and doing it right for her when the hips start arching rhythmically! Of course the other two provide great feedback and confidence too lol!

It's also so enjoyable to feel her start to move to the tongue and know she is feeling good because of it! :)
Coralmist36-40, F
[@806190,Wolf90] Great reply Wolf馃槍
When she screams out a name...and it鈥檚 mine 馃槉
All of the above
Muthafukajones41-45, M
Head pull!!

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