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Dating & Relationships

Do women care what underwear a male partner has on?

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It has to be clean 馃榿
Spokeskitties7541-45, M
[@561899,BalmyNites] yeah... I don鈥檛 blame you... and I can鈥檛 stand wearing underwear that is not fresh. Bad enough I have to work all day in one pair!! Lol
missbeez26-30, F
[@561899,BalmyNites] haha my thoughts as well
[@486083,missbeez] Quite right babe 馃槀
SW User
No holes
JacksonBlue31-35, M
[@1160331,QuelleSurprise] Then how would you put them on :p
missbeez26-30, F
[@602865,JacksonBlue] haha
[@602865,JacksonBlue] 馃ぃ
Dont wear my panties unless specifically asked
No animal print
No tighty whities
[@1055099,BettyBeez] any special color while we鈥檙e at it?
I need to know for my notebook entry馃榿
[@1067315,Driver2] no specific colors
[@1055099,BettyBeez] ok thanks 馃摑
I like sxy underwear that show the goods
JacksonBlue31-35, M
[@1150012,ammelee] Bulge amplifiers?haha
[@602865,JacksonBlue] I got all tingly all over
JacksonBlue31-35, M
[@1150012,ammelee] 馃槀 Ill have to keep that term in my back pocket then
kanha31-35, M
no one bothers.. so long as there is no reaction in pants
Asmae31-35, F
Pink is the best
[@509132,DropsOfPain] 馃槀
sassypants31-35, F
No thongs. Men should not wear thongs. Boxers or boxer briefs are fine.
sassypants31-35, F
[@6578,HoraceGreenley] 馃槀馃槀
JennySW1818-21, F
[@6578,HoraceGreenley] Then don't put the thong in your mouth...
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
[@1116547,JennySW18] Good tip. Thanks
It has to be manly. Not a thong or bikini ewwww 馃槤 lolol
[@561899,BalmyNites] LMAO where are all the real men 馃槶
[@1141547,Lillymoon] Ha ha 馃槀
[@561899,BalmyNites] ;)
TahoeTN436-40, M
Don鈥檛 wear any 馃槵
[@602865,JacksonBlue] Meh. Most of my best friends my whole life were good guys. I鈥檓 just not attracted.
JacksonBlue31-35, M
[@605647,DarkHeaven] Sorry poorly phrased. Avoided us romantically. Id be amazed if you avoided all men ever.
[@602865,JacksonBlue] I have no desire for that. I enjoy my friendships. Woman aren鈥檛 the easiest either, have you met us? lol
Harriet0341-45, F
[image deleted]
Boxer briefs 馃槏
No tighty whites 馃ぎ
No thongs 馃槤
Absolutely no panties 馃槰
Oh absolutely !
JacksonBlue31-35, M
[@113373,TexChik] Do tell. What do you like Mr Big to wear?
REMsleep41-45, F
Some look nicer than others and make the guy look sexier sure.
Tighty whiteys look a little corny but can be totally overlooked on a hot body. Simple clean boxer briefs look best in my opinion.
Boxers can look nice.
All of those extra fancy sometimes odd underwear made for guys is too much for me. Looks silly or feminine in my opinion.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
Skid marks are definitely a deal breaker 馃槀
Certain types are a deal breaker.
[@349735,onestarrynight] let's just say the guys I know would never wear them lol
Because they're [i]Real[/i] men.. 馃槈
[@349735,onestarrynight] because they know what to wear

No it is the man that wears them.
I don't wear any. My wife seems OK with that.
Mrsbetweenfatandfit26-30, F
Definitely freshly laundered & their own. Personally I dislike tighty whities
badminton61-69, MVIP
If you are a man over 30 you really should switch to boxers. No tighty whities unless you are a fit slim young guy in your teens or 20's!
Zonuss41-45, M
I feel totally turned-off if his underwear is not clean.

If it's made of a natural fibre, allows his balls to keep cool, and has a style that suits his physique, then that's a pleasure to see.

I wouldn't comment because I think it's his right to choose what he wears.
Sunnykel7641-45, F
Yes, clean ones
Keepitsimple51-55, F
Yes. If he has thongs or whitey tighties or plaid boxers he鈥檚 not getting anything.
wildbill8336-40, M
[@11509,Keepitsimple] what about knitted boxers? 馃

longhairedrupali41-45, F
Clean and smart 馃槑

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