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(For my personal curiosity) what would you guess my sexual orientation is?

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Just based off appearance, what would you guess my sexual orientation is? (Ik you cant always tell based off looks, and there’s more than 3 sexual orientations, but just wondering)
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But there are only three choices here:(
CharmingAf · 18-21, F
Narrowed it down lol [@406636,causernamebemyusername]
When doo we find out
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
[@650472,CharmingAf] better 😘
This message was deleted by its author.
Is the hour up yet 😝 [@650472,CharmingAf]
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Too cute to be straight 🤣
TheBungler · 22-25, M
I dunno, looks can be deceiving. 🤷‍♂️
Asm0deus · F
I would say Bi.
SW User
Bi :)
Reject · 26-30, M
I once heard that all lesbians dye their hair. Of course this isn't true, but I thought it was funny.
Ynotisay · M
Sure. You're a guy posing as a woman here. Not particularly unusual.
CharmingAf · 18-21, F
I guess that means I’m hot so thank you [@324070,Ynotisay]
Ynotisay · M
[@650472,CharmingAf] Or you just pulled a random picture,right dude?
Hmm I will say bi
This message was deleted by its author.
CharmingAf · 18-21, F
Surprise! I’m a lesbian woooo
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
[@650472,CharmingAf] no surprise ;)
Cool [@650472,CharmingAf]
SW User
[@650472,CharmingAf] cool girl..

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