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I Wish Jfk Lived Longer

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Well if he had worn a bulletproof helmet maybe...

Sure miss the dude. He had the stuff. And he was human and it was still ok...

For a while anyway.
90-99, C
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May 23, 2020
funstories69 · 61-69, M
You can thank the GOP for his murder
funstories69 · 61-69, M
I actually saw LBJ and sort of shook his hand at a fence with tons of other kids,
It was more grabbing an arm, as a young child at an airport. He had that black suit and skinny 60s tie on, white shirt and he looked ghastly pale. I asked my parents if he was ok, I thought maybe he was sick so pale, they just laughed and said no, he is pure white and no nigger in him! Keep in mind, 1960s and the South! My parents were racist, but I’m not. You should have seen my parents faces when I brought a black girl to dinner, also when I told them I’m bisexual.[@1118414,Bulletproofvest]
Bulletproofvest · 90-99, C
[@1062793,funstories69] Maybe you were the template for that movie "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"!
funstories69 · 61-69, M
Pasunny · 22-25, F
Did u know he did drugs ?
Bulletproofvest · 90-99, C
[@694293,Pasunny] Yes.

But LBJ did inordinate anger and foul language. Probably lots of booze too.
What ran through HIS bloodstream?
kneesocks · 26-30, F
They made him feel invincible and then they killed him. That's always rule no. 1.
Bulletproofvest · 90-99, C
[@1089099,kneesocks] I miss that dude...Also Oswald loved him too. Did you know that?
kneesocks · 26-30, F
[@1118414,Bulletproofvest] The scapegoat 😔 Poor guy. No I didn't know but Kennedy was a much loved president so I'm sure that is the case.
Bulletproofvest · 90-99, C
He was fatherless at an early age so got this power thing in his personality so he joined the military and got used up like he wasn't even a human being. His girl friend wrote a book about all of that and more. His wife was used as a prop and just as exploited as Lee. I wonder what became of their children, they had 2
Vivaci ·
OMG...I also often have the same regretful thought. 😔
funstories69 · 61-69, M
[@372543,Vivaci] everyone involved or around him mysteriously died of accidents. Maryln Monroe accidentally had an overdose. With the help of a murderer hired by GOP.
Bulletproofvest · 90-99, C
[@1062793,funstories69] All the people Jim Garrison investigated were killed off or bought off. it was so bloody frustrating and yet he prevailed and became chief appeals Judge in the state. People ended up supporting him after all the damage was done. And we still have the country the killers wanted. That's power 4 you.
Vivaci ·
[@1062793,funstories69] [@1118414,Bulletproofvest] It's kinda scary how the Illuminati work.
Glossy · F
I thought Kennedy was shot through the head?
Maybe he should have worn a bullet proof hat.
funstories69 · 61-69, M
There wasn’t much left of his head it was very bad. However, some still believe he is alive somewhere on a desert Island, similar to Gilligans island.[@7108,Glossy]
funstories69 · 61-69, M
Kennedy executed and he was a great leader, why can’t the horrible son of a bitch in the White House now, a moronic hateful dictator that is evil, have the back of his head shot off? Send that horrible bastard to Dallas and shoot from all angles.

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I Wish Jfk Lived Longer
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