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I Believe a Good Sense of Humor Is Important

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When your marriage counselor tells you "You're the most difficult couple I've ever worked with. You are both too intelligent and live in your own heads too much." It is indeed humorous in a way that the human mind can create issues where perhaps none exist.
46-50, F
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Feb 15, 2017
SW User
And that麓s not the worst issue they can come along with...馃槨
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
The mind is a horrible thing sometimes 馃槼 But like everything there's an upside and a downside to everything
BellaLocura46-50, F
Very true. Thinking is best done in moderation. 馃槣
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
@BellaLocura: hahahaha so true.
When ever my husband starts a statement or conversation with "so, I've been thinking" I chime in with "I've told you NOT to do that! That always gets you in trouble" 馃槀馃槀馃槀 we both laugh because he says the same thing to me.
yep perception.
Livingwell56-60, M
I can certainly relate to this.
Nunos5056-60, M
I find my mind is best only entered when accompanied by a responsibile adult
BellaLocura46-50, F
Lol same
Kinda cute :)
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I Believe a Good Sense of Humor Is Important
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When your marriage counselor tells you "You... | I Believe a Good Sense of Humor Is Important | Similar Worlds