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Have you deleted your account and then returned?

How many times?
I always stick to this, since I joined. May go on hiatus but that's it.
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No... I have taken couple of short leaves...
Gaiia · F
[@1067,Soossie] same
I have never deleted it. But like you, I may just leave for several months and come back
AnthroKenji · 31-35, M
Yeah, 3 times I have.
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Justmerae · 51-55, F
Well... ah .. yeah... few times
just once. I've changed names a few times.
[@536386,Gaiia] account? or names? I was malcontent, hatred, a few forgettable others, then here I was bourbon, wanton and now enkidu.
Gaiia · F
[@887863,enkidu] I think I just remember malcontent
[@536386,Gaiia] im sorta surprised anyone recalls that, but it is the one I used the most.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
No, I never have.
TheOneWhoEscaped · 22-25, F
Yes, twice.
Adroit · 31-35, M
Ya, then life got ew so I decided to return.
Dan88411 · 31-35, M
Yeah, I've done did that twice I think.
I have lol but only once
No they locked me out
Gaiia · F
[@1205472,Anastasiathelostprincess1986] why
How am I supposed to know [@536386,Gaiia]
mrlopez · 26-30, M
I don't delete my accounts...they get deleted
Gaiia · F
[@1161949,mrlopez] ojalá esta vez no te metas en problemas
mrlopez · 26-30, M
[@536386,Gaiia] Vamos a ver 🤣
sassypants · 31-35, F
One time I did for about one year.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
I have not deleted my account yet, and the longest I've been away from SW since I joined is 2 weeks (which happened once).
Gaiia · F
[@475592,DragonFruit] same, I don't know if I would do it either. And then return. I don't think so
sciguy18 · M
I’ve seen some people delete their accounts and return multiple times. Like you, I stayed with this account since I joined.
Coppercoil · M
So many :(
[@58876,Coppercoil] whoa 😮
Coppercoil · M
[@526701,Stark] starky!🥳
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
This is my third one, I think.
Gaiia · F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] why deleted the previous ones? Got tired of this place?
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
[@536386,Gaiia] I felt like a fresh start because my older stories weren't really relevant anymore and removing them one by one was too much work.
Starchild1983 · 36-40, F
I have never permanently deleted it. I took a break once though
summersong · F
Never permanently, just to take breaks.
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45
I'm running the ultimate track record for stability currently.😏
That one complete deletion set me free in a sense. My username will always have an identity crisis.🤭
I deleted my original account 3 years ago. I don’t see myself going through the hassle to delete this account. If I decide no longer to use it I just won’t log on.
AdaXI · 41-45, T
No just this account, I do have another I use on rare occasion when I see loads of 'this message has been deleted' I'll go check see who it is lolz.

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