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what are y'all even talking about
18-21, F
23 replies
Oct 10, 2019
Mikaa · M
I just got here...
xcelyg · 18-21, F
me too[@669698,Mikaa]
Girl im just saying crazy shit to fit in.
xcelyg · 18-21, F
i think your fitted in already lol[@25627,Selah]
DavidScott · 46-50, M
mamabear41 · 41-45, F
You know how it is on here. We just post about nothing 😆.
Food 🤤
GBPackersFan · 36-40, M
Football 🏈 what else is there?
Darksideinthenight1 · 31-35, M

Your team doing pretty good so far.
GBPackersFan · 36-40, M
So far yes and I was thrilled AF when the took down the Cowboys [@906966,ForYourEntertainment]
Darksideinthenight1 · 31-35, M

You know I have to mention this the Ravens won the Ravens won. 😂

Tough ot lost
xcelyg · 18-21, F
[@1013471,xcelyg] 😪 that was meant for another post I deleted
Classified info 🤐
xcelyg · 18-21, F
🤐 would u kill me if u told me [@776292,BeefySenpie]
[@1013471,xcelyg] I may, but I'll do it softly
LilBabyStephie · 46-50, F
You know, the usual.

Vaginas. Politics. A touch of other stuff for a bit of flavour to all the madness in here.
Darksideinthenight1 · 31-35, M
Do do you wanna talk about?

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