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Is there something you don't like of sw?
I'm curious👀
Tell me�🙈
38 replies
Mar 17, 2018
SW User
The fetishes
KaleidoStar · 26-30
Err some people
Calipri · F
[@647160,Sturmfrei] but you have them blocked yes?
Also you are sodaprssed 2?? Too🤣
KaleidoStar · 26-30
[@536386,Calipri] some yes, others just muted. And no, I'm not her. Lol
somethingIsuppose · 26-30, F
The weird fetishes, really makes embarrassed to be the same species as those people
Calipri · F
[@473468,somethingIsuppose] or they repeat and repeat the same posts... it gets annoying.
somethingIsuppose · 26-30, F
[@536386,Calipri] yea I don't get that either
There are people here that harass newcomers they don't like.
It works, the new people leave.
I know of at least 5 people from EP that were real people but accused of being fake.
I don't think you would know them since I don't remember you from EP.
Calipri · F
[@406494,SomeLikeItHot] I was in ep but I wasn't a very active member
It is too bad that the harassment happens. It will stunt what SW could be.
Hdryder555 · 56-60, M
Calipri · F
[@345334,Hdryder555] children? Haven't seen any child here
Stereoguy · 51-55, M
The paedophiles and perverts.
Stereoguy · 51-55, M
[@536386,Calipri] When I report them I am told I need to be tolerant of other users or I will get suspended.
Calipri · F
[@78387,Stereoguy] really!!?? That's wrong 😶
Stereoguy · 51-55, M
[@536386,Calipri] Yes I fully agree. I have even had other users defend them too. How wrong is that!
PlumBerries · 22-25, F
[c=#7700B2]trolls, all the fetish and sex stuff, creepy private messages, that I can not save purple text as my font for good instead I have to keep manually doing it[/c]
Calipri · F
[@10586,PlumBerries] I agree about some pms
The idiots..
Sibo191 · 36-40, M
How limited filtering out questions are.
TheDepressedOtaku · 22-25, M
I hate TheAllAsianReject. Annoying af.
Calipri · F
👍[@579745,TheAllAsianReject] 🤣
TheDepressedOtaku · 22-25, M
[@536386,Calipri] Someone finally agreed.
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