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Thanks random guy!

Is it weird That a 20 ish year old guy who held the door for me as I left a pub getting take out, who said, "Have a nice night!" Made my night? Sigh. Lol. Like I'm so starved for ANY connection, or any male attention at all, that a guy nearly half my age made my evening? He was cute, and I was grateful for his smile and kindness. He had been smoking outside when I arrived there with two guys. Then again I did have on a v neck low cut tee, maybe that's why he spoke to me..but either way he was a breath of fresh air after NEVER going out to even SEE guys during the pandemic 馃槱馃槃
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Fable26-30, F
[c=666666]OMG that is so cute! 馃グ I experience even 7-10 year old boys doing this for me, here in Ukraine. They were taught by their parents to do so, and it kind of melts my heart every time, even though I kind of don't even like kids, lol!

EDIT: I get that it's not exactly the same when a child does it, as when a 20-year old does it, but boys/guys/men do so in all ages, here, and it's always sincere in one form or another. 鈾/c]
Coralmist36-40, F
[@330903,Fable] That's cute lol. Aww. Yeah I was like, hey thanks for holding door AND talking to me lol. I didn't say that haha, just thought it. I said, You too!
Fable26-30, F
[c=666666][@562099,Coralmist] I just looove people who spread positive vibes around them like that 馃専[/c]
Wolf9031-35, M
Good manners can make a big difference! 馃槉
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
Nah. I get that effect with people sometimes too. Especially if I do the complimenting first.
Powermax46-50, M
He was looking at your legs
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
It feels good to be noticed and to be treated kindly.

There is this one chain restaurant I like to go to. The closest is 2 miles away. Yet sometimes I go to one an hour away, since the drive out is pleasant (I take the back roads).

Yet all the waitresses at the further location call me "hun." LOL! Some are young and cute. At the closer location, they call me "sir" and aren't as cute, and service is not as good.

I confess I now go more often to the location an hour away, just to be served by them and be called "hun."

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