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TrunkZ · 56-60, M
Depends on whether you get to ride out eternity with reasonable health and your loved ones. Without those then yes it would be a curse. If you have health and loved ones then not a will be exciting to see how life changes over the years. I mean...just think about how the internet has been a game changer...our little SW community for instance. Very exciting stuff.
Actually, this is a very interesting topic.
The basis of my thoughts is that human's existence has a purpose.

Ok, I consider the whole being a source of information.. I believe huh man's purpose is to add to this source of information. We live through life and we experience millions of feelings through our life..I like to think that when each one of us experience a feeling that no one has before, then we have added to this is source of information and our purpose is done here.. (That feeling might last within us for one millionth of second, but it will continue to be forever when added to that source.

I hope this has answered your question.
TrunkZ · 56-60, M
@Soossie: yes...wasn't thinking of it from that perspective. You are correct, new generation brings new ideas and advances the human condition.

I was thinking of it from the perspective of the human as a sensual, feeling individual wanting to feel, taste, see, hear and experience anything and everything that they can.

You made me think a little tonight in an enjoyable way. Thank you for that ☺
Aww!! Thank you..and I completely understand your point too. :)
Did you see the movie Zardoz?
In it the Brutals were lorded over by the Exterminators.
Who in the end...were allowed into the Vortex.
Where they exterminated the Immortals.
And their gun shots were accompanied by happy shouts.
I think there's a moral in there somewhere?
Lolol... Well.. I have to think about morality of that.
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
I do not know.

I do not believe in an afterlife, or the supernatural, or spirits or spiritual things.

But my understanding is that "eternity" (in relation to souls, etc.) does not really mean "forever" but means "timeless".

The idea of living "forever" (in some afterlife) could mean to be in a state of existence where time lasts forever and you last forever in time, and progress along with time.

The idea of living in a "timeless" state could mean that you have separated from the flow of time, from the real world, from the universe, and exist now outside it. The concept of time may have no meaning anymore.

Suppose we modeled 4D spacetime (3D space and 1D for time) as a 3D surface (2D space and 1D for time). Then we see a static object. It does not "change with time", since time is modeled as a space dimension. This is perhaps what it would be like to be in an "eternal" reference point, I think. You "see" all space and all time and events happening at once. Sort of like unrolling an old movie film and seeing all the frames.

Of course, the true nature of the universe is all relative. Two people moving at different velocities cannot agree on times of events. And one may say an event is the past, while another may say it is in the future. So even in the real world embedded in the flow of time, time has no well-defined character. I wonder if an eternal state of being would have such relativity, too. Would you not be able to "see" all? That is, when you unroll the film, do you only see a segment?

And don't forget the multiverse. There may be multiple objects, each a separate destiny. Imagine what it would be like not only to just see what happened and will happen, but see all possible ways the story could have unfolded! (perhaps ranked by likelihood, the most likely first).
Thank you for your very interesting post on this subject.
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
I am a mathematician who likes physics, too. Also, I saw a show once featuring Joseph Campbell and he talked about eternity in the "timeless" sense. So I did not make any of this up.
pearllederman · 56-60, F
probably depends on where you are then
tynamite · 26-30, M
There would be no religion.
SW User
Singing hymns and waving palm branches through all eternity is pretty when you hear about it in the pulpit, but it's as poor a way to put in valuable time as a body could contrive.
- Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven

Mark Twain

Love that... Thanks for sharing.
SW User
Depends on what is gonna be for eternity.
If a person was to live a life of bliss, it would not be a curse i guess
SirfurryanimalWales · 61-69, M
You can't escape eternity ! Embrace it!
I have to think about this one a bit more.
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
Yes especially in love
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
Yep, certainly feels like a curse.
Well love can make it sweeter.
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
Only if it's returned in kind
lost213 · 41-45, M
🤗Nope! Not with you here
Aww!! Thank you.

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