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I can’t wait to have beautiful Tlingit babies with my husband 🖤🖤🖤
He’s gorgeous and they will be too 🖤
22-25, F
19 replies
Nov 8, 2019
Dan193 · 26-30, M
is he black?
Funwoman · 46-50, F
[@14565,Dan193] Oh hahaha sorry.
amelia23 · 22-25, F
[@14565,Dan193] the Northwest coast, traditionally Alaska but also Washington state
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@814059,amelia23] I see, thanks.
whats that ?
amelia23 · 22-25, F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] a Native American tribe, like Navajo or Cherokee.
pentacorn · F
the babies i had with your husband came out extra gorgeous. i'm sure yours will too. ;)
amelia23 · 22-25, F
[@664411,pentacorn] lmfaooo 😂
pentacorn · F
[@814059,amelia23] 😁
Funwoman · 46-50, F
Well you have to wait at least nine months after he F.... You 😁
Prokamin · 41-45, F
For sure

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I can’t wait to have beautiful Tlingit babies with... | Life | Similar Worlds