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Hired, then given paycut?
I accepted an offer for a really great job. Have been here 8 months. They asked me to start taking on some new responsibilities that led to a possible promotion... Well after doing the new job for 4 months the just told me a few weeks ago the new position pays less..I would essentially go from 47k to 41k... Told them I am not comfortable with this... They seem to really be trying to force my into this position now and rate of pay, and im afraid I don't have a choice to stay at my current pay and old position. So upsetting, we just found out we are pregnant and what not...Any advice on how to handle this? Anyone else been in this situation?
26-30, F
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Jul 19, 2017
MrsMarvel · 36-40, F
It's not illegal, you can not take it but run the risk of being laid off
I say just give it a try for awhile. I mean 41k sounds like a lot
Wow, that is bad. Not knowing enough in terms of the size of the company, at what level the person you were talking with about the new position holds, any thing in writing, would help share some thoughts. Given what you have shared, I would think that sitting down with, any and all involved in decision making, to share your thoughts and understanding. If no one ever discussed money, I think you hold a bit of responsibility. It sounds like a really poor course of actions on their part. Never been in this situation, just many years in mgmt/hr.
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Check your terms and conditions of employment in your contract.
They'll likely be vary vague on the subject of internal promotion and conditions thereof.
In the spirit of 'Goodwill', go see your company's Personnel/human resources department and let it be known you are there in the spirit of goodwill, but you'd like them to look into it on your behalf.
Say that you feel you've been side-lined and lied to and you feel aggrieved.
BUT before you do that. Get some advice from an employment lawyer. There may well be some online who do free Q&A on their websites.
firefall · 56-60, M
depends what country you're in, and what state. In a lot of places, it's quite illegal and you can take it to the authorities.
sogdianrock · 56-60, M
hi Brassm0nk3y
surely if you have taken on new responsibilities then you should be paid more. Can you ask that the situation be reviewed taking this into account. If they have also removed some duties I suppose this could explain the pay cut but it stinks.
Are they aware of you being pregnant? If so then they may be trying to force you out to save on that expense. If so then they are breaking employment law - depends where you live but generally it is accepted that for the human race to reproduce women have to be protected at work so that they can work and have family. See a good lawyer!
Best wishes
Brassm0nk3y · 26-30, F
They are fully aware that I am pregnant yes. Appreciate the advice thank you [@3107,sogdianrock]
sogdianrock · 56-60, M
hi Brassm0nk3y
Interesting. That is the smoking gun. This is a well trodden path by employers but they have been punished by the courts also. Find a high up woman and discuss it with her privately and ask for advice/ support maybe.
Best wishes
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