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Does SW ever post your comment twice?
13 replies
Jan 11, 2017
JupiterDreams · 22-25
Fangirlsarah1996 · 18-21, F
No why would you think that?
Fangirlsarah1996 · 18-21, F
Damn, it wouldn't let me copy/paste my comment to make a pun...shit 😥
LadyGrace · 70-79, F
Yes, sometimes.
MorbidCynic · 18-21, F
not as far as I know
SW User
It did a couple of times, but that was months ago and on the phone. 📞
Bean17 · 41-45, F
Haha yes.
SW User
Sometimes. If you refresh the page one usually goes away.
[c=#BF0080]Yes.. often.[/c]
Fangirlsarah1996 · 18-21, F you ever forget to use the pink font or is that a setting? :p
@Fangirlsarah1996: [c=#BF0080]It's such a habit that I don't even think about it lol. Once in awhile I do forget though.[/c]
Fangirlsarah1996 · 18-21, F
@pinkrainbowkisses: I was wondering lol I'd never be able to remember xD
Yes, I've seen it appear that there are duplicate posts. But usually when I refresh the screen, it goes away.
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