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Why do more people ask questions than they post stories?
I mean, I do the same, asking questions every day and rarely posting stories, but today I did actually post a story and nobody sees it, it has zero views. I notice stories never have as many hearts or comments as the questions here do. Hmmm 馃
18-21, M
10 replies
Nov 19, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Motherfuckerjones41-45, M
Everyone likes to give an opinion...
ManicMicah18-21, M
That is true.
[c=#BF0080]I personally like answering questions more than I do reading stories.. [/c]
ManicMicah18-21, M
Same here.
Thodsis46-50, M
It's difficult to find stories that I'm interested in. They aren't grouped together very well.
ManicMicah18-21, M
I kinda agree.
Anonsmiles18-21, F
It's probably because most questions are askin for other people's opinions or just about other people in general. People love to talk about themselves, but rarely ever care when it comes to listening about someone else.
ManicMicah18-21, M
That's a really good point!
silentkillx222-25, F
Some sotries get alot of attention ur story just has to be interesting enough for people to actually wanna read 馃槓
totalrandoman100+, M
They need to change the architecture of the site, so that there are sections for stories and stories are organized by category and activity on the page, and listed out for people to browse.

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