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The Differences Between Cute, Pretty, Sexy & Beautiful :)
[b][i]Dictionary definition:[/i][/b]

[b]Cute:[/b] Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

[b]Sexy:[/b] Sexually attractive or exciting.

[b]Pretty:[/b] Attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

[b][i]Urban dictionary definition:
[b]Cute:[/b] A girl who is lovely and dreamy and cuddly and shy and beautiful and awwww *drools*

[b]Sexy:[/b] Supposed to mean sexually attractive, however recently it has become a word of ambiguous meaning that morons use when unable to think of a better adjective for something they like.

[b]Pretty:[/b] 1.)A girl who has physical appeals that attracts a guy.
2.)A girl can also be pretty inside in her feelings in her beliefs.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman who above all else knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. She is a woman that you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She is a woman who can inexplicably make you feel really good just by being around her, and yet brings such great sadness when she is gone. She is a woman who I will never really get to know.

[b][i]The first thing that comes up when Google Image searched:[/i][/b]

[b]Cute:[/b] A tiny, soft looking puppy.

[b]Sexy:[/b] A meme of a chesty, tanned woman posing in front of a toilet.

[b]Pretty:[/b] A brown-haired smiling woman.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] The silhouette of a kissing couple with a digital, purple and pink, star-filled sky in the background.

[b][i]Is it flattering to be given this label?:
[b]Cute:[/b] Depends on if you’re cool taking a compliment that’s often directed at small animals & children.

[b]Sexy:[/b] Depends on if you’re attracted to the person saying it.

[b]Pretty:[/b] Depends on if it’s coming from someone other than your mother, because she’s basically obligated to tell you you’re pretty/handsome.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] Depends on if they’re referring to your physical appearance, because “beautiful on the inside,” is cool or whatever, but you know what we really want — tell us how we look.

[b][i]In terms of breakfast foods:[/i][/b]

[b][i]Sound most likely to be made at you:
[b]Cute:[/b] Aww!

[b]Sexy:[/b] Rawr!

[b]Pretty:[/b] Ay, can I talk to you for a minute?!

[b]Beautiful:[/b] *no sounds, just stares*

[b][i]Article of clothing synonymous with word:
[b]Cute:[/b] Velcro and/or light up kid-sized sneakers.

[b]Sexy:[/b] Lingerie.

[b]Pretty:[/b] A floral print top?

[b]Beautiful:[/b] A dress or gown that you’d wear to a ball if you’re some sort of Disney princess.

[b][i]In terms of days of the week:
[b]Cute:[/b] Thursdays evenings because they’re trying really hard and it’s adorable.

[b]Sexy:[/b] Saturday nights, obviously.

[b]Pretty:[/b] Sunday morning. This is short lived – Sunday evenings are fugly.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] Friday at around 4:59 PM.

[b][i]In terms of pastries:[/i][/b]

[b]Cute:[/b] Donut holes.

[b]Sexy:[/b] Muffins. Peeling off that paper, getting crumbs in your lap – super sensual stuff.

[b]Pretty:[/b] Hot cross buns.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] Toaster Strudels/Pop-Tarts (inside and out).

[b][i]Website a video of that type is most likely to go viral on:
[b]Cute:[/b] YouTube

[b]Sexy:[/b] R-Rated = WorldStarHipHop, X-Rated = PornHub

[b]Pretty:[/b] Does it involve pretty twerking or something? If no, it’s probably not going viral.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] Does it involve beautiful twerking or something? If no, it’s probably not going viral.

[b][i]How to tell which one you might be:
[b]Cute:[/b] You’re a dwarf bunny.

[b]Sexy:[/b] You have multiple flirty messages in your Facebook inbox from people with whom you share ZERO mutual friends.

[b]Pretty:[/b] Post a selfie to Instagram right now and if it gets double-digit likes within a few hours, you’re pretty.

[b]Beautiful:[/b] When you accidentally hit front cam on your phone, the face you see doesn’t terrify you.

[b][i]Do you need to be a decent person as well if you’re already this thing:[/i][/b]

[b]Cute:[/b] Who, adorable you? Aww, of course not.

[b]Sexy:[/b] Look at you being all naughty – what was the question again?

[b]Pretty:[/b] Define decent?

[b]Beautiful:[/b] You’re already gorgeous, so you don’t need to be anything else per se. Human decency is only mandatory for below average looking people. When you’re a creme de la creme 10 out of 10 on the outside, the inside is completely your call.
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