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What should we normalize today?

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TurtlePink · 18-21, F
Sex work
outage data and performance graphs
KaliKali · F
Exterminating men.
Doctorweird · 26-30, M
[@401815,KaliKali] Look I know some men have issues, nobody is perfect. It's not like every woman is, and you don't see me believing they should be all exterminated 😠
RedPowerRanger · 31-35, M
[@4228,Doctorweird] You fed the troll.
KaliKali · F
[@4228,Doctorweird] All men are terrible. It’s different.
Justgirl · 36-40, F
Good sex
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
LittleK · 31-35, F
Pfuzylogic · M
Yes! Operate at the very highest tier of your skill!
LittleK · 31-35, F
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] Baby steps😆
Pfuzylogic · M

Yes never forget what Bob learned! 😅
DDonde · 31-35, M
blackcar · 26-30, M
Slapping women's asses
AuRevoir · 31-35, M
Step dad porn? 😷 they’re certainly trying really hard at it..
RedPowerRanger · 31-35, M
Man boobs
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
Sending Rolexeo nudes
MilitantIrishman · 26-30, M
Kicking short people
AnonymousJSS · 18-21, F
That saying certain things are overrated is overrated.
Oberon1 · 56-60, M
Common sense!
This message was deleted by its author.
Doctorweird · 26-30, M
wackidywack · 22-25
treating people with kindness 🤔
uncleshawn · 36-40, M
bleu cheese burgers
GunFinger · 41-45, F
Groping men's ass.
SimSimHae · F
[@352154,GunFinger] and whistling while they walk 🤧
NinjaBoy · 18-21, M
[@352154,GunFinger] I support this 🙋‍♂️
Iwillwait · M
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] I see you concur.
HannahSky · F
Grabbing balls randomly
HannahSky · F
[@855786,wackidywack] no 🧐? that's not good? 👀
MilitantIrishman · 26-30, M
[@428450,MaterialGirlCx] you have to be nice to me
HannahSky · F
[@8731,MilitantIrishman] ☎️ peener support is available
Aboomachu · 31-35, M
Marijuana, I want to work, smoke a little, and not have to worry about being drug tested.
LittleK · 31-35, F
[@347985,Aboomachu] 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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