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Do you notice when someone is confident or not?

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ragingfire · 31-35, M Best Comment
People can fake confidence by talking loud, pretending they know it all throwing around some fancy words while making no sense. If they are calm and composed when their knowledge or work is challenged, take others opinions into consideration, you can call them genuinely confident. Being bitter, throwing tantrums and insulting people aren’t the signs of confidence. Those are signs of insecurity.
ragingfire · 31-35, M
[@1196310,Mellowgirl] Sure
Performance confidence: It's generated and maintained by your skills and experience. You know what you know and you know what you don't know. You don't BS people. Those are the genuine ones. There are some exception to this. Some people have a very over-exaggerated estimate of their performance. Dunning-Kruger effect.

Personality confidence: People who are self-aware and even if they lack the aptitude, they have the attitude to get things done. If they can't do something by themselves, they will get it done by seeking help. They are usually smooth talkers. Exception to this: The master manipulator kind, narcissists, who think they are better than others. They don't care about anything as long as their goals are met.
ragingfire · 31-35, M
[@1196310,Mellowgirl] Thanks for the BC, appreciate it.
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@429468,ragingfire] you're welcome I really. Enjoyed reading your comments.

hunkalove · 61-69, M
Sometimes. Confident people don't have to act confident. I'm almost always aware when someone is pretending to be confident and I keep a careful distance.
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
Yes.. Especially the quiet one who have not nothing to prove
FloorGenAdm · 46-50, M
After that you notice if someone is nice or mean.
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@454355,FloorGenAdm] agreed
Bane9 · 22-25, M
Of course
TexChik · F
Of course
Yes... I can tell if if effortless too 😌 lol ⚡️

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