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Is there such thing as a fetish for men with beards? Because if there is, then I have it BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
Of course there is.
Yes it's called anti-SinlessOnslaught fetish cause I can't grow a beard. 😭
tindrummer · M
Then there must be but doesn't work for me. 🤓
Degbeme · 61-69, M
Well that is me out. 😟
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@72117,Degbeme] Aww you are an exception 🤗
Degbeme · 61-69, M
[@4367,MissGaga] 🤗
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@1195753,WeeWeeWeeAllTheWayHome] Damn it.. So I have Pongonophilia... How many days left for me?
[@4367,MissGaga] As many as there are beards for each day!
KaliKali · 36-40, F
Menas · 22-25, M
[@401815,KaliKali] What the heck is that? I tried Googling it and even google doesn't know????!!! 🤨
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@236612,Menas] Clearly there is not cure for it if even google doesn't know 🥴🥺
KaliKali · 36-40, F
[@236612,Menas] I put an extra n in there by mistake.
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
It would be [i]pogonophile[/i].


But, curiously, the OED only list [i]pogonophobia[/i], an extreme dislike of beards.
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
*tries to grow a beard lol
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@761112,deadgerbil] I think you have one, don't you?!
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
[@4367,MissGaga] I don't like how it grows lol
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@761112,deadgerbil] Maybe you are not watering it enough 🥴
caesar7 · 56-60, M
I sport a goatee...does that count?
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@2096,caesar7] Ummm sometimes.. like he has to be very handsome for the goatee to work.. but a beard, works like a charm 🥴
Rambler · M
*strokes beard, looks wise* 😄
Sirfurryanimal · 61-69, M
Do any men in your area not have beards?
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@356742,Sirfurryanimal] Most Arabs have beards.. but of course some don't!🤷‍♀️
StrongerNow · 51-55, F
oooohhhhh I don't know if there's an actual [i]fetish[/i] for it, but I'm with you there, miss!!! Holy.....I'm seeing a lot of those sexy faces with beards lately. mmmmmm
ArtieKat · 61-69, M
Dark hair on my head, grey beard 😁
summersong · F
Same 😅
ViciDraco · 36-40, M

Rate that beard 🤔
MissGaga · 26-30, F
[@657984,ViciDraco] Sorry to inform you that this is not a beard!!!!
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
[@4367,MissGaga] damn 🤣
Elegy · 41-45
yes there is.😆
TurtlePink · 18-21, F
Me too
MethDozer · M
Hetero Female

Wasn't there a user called pognophile ?
HannahSky · F
Depends on the beard 🧔, some look awful

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